Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shihomi & Yuka from Japan

The youngsters from Lions Club Youth Exchange Japan arrived at Changi International Airport at 3.20 pm.

The Japanese boys..........

Looks like mini Wang Li Hom

Shihomi was able to recognise us from our photo. She came straight up to us to introduce herself. A very pretty, cheerful & confident young lady. She speaks English quite well. Yuka is shy & speaks little English.

The boys were waiting when we came home. They helped the two girls to settle in. Both girls prepared presents for each of us.

Souvenirs from Nagasaki, presents from Shihomi

Souvenirs from Kumamoto City, Oguni, gifts from Yuka.

After a short rest, I told Jaymes to bring the girls to Parkway Parade for some shopping before dinner.

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