Monday, August 28, 2006

Fabric of the Nation Display

If you walk through the ground floor of HDB building, you will see these huge panels of quilts. Each piece of sewing is done with love for Singapore & painstakingly arranged into a quilt. Some pieces were done with much thought & preparation. They are labours of love for the nation.

It's so touching. Those who truly love Singapore, would put their hearts & souls into such a project. The unity of the Singaporeans. The love for their country. Their hopes & aspirations.

These feelings the chao gahmen & politicians would never understand. They will kadan kabor when the next election results is announced. And I'm waiting for that day.

Know why the 4-million smiles project flopped? What is there for Singaporeans to smile anyway? Also a survey said Singaporeans are an unhappy lot. So the project is doomed from the start. Some people said they would be in mourning attire, dragging their feet & pulling the longest faces from 9th to 20th September. A nation of 4-million mourners? For the death of free speech, democracy........ ? haiz......

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