Sunday, July 09, 2006


I will survive

This video makes me think of the times I just got off the long flights. I was so glad to be back safe & sound in Singapore, but usually the taxis I took, scared the S*** out of me.

Speeding at 100 - 120km/h on the ECP! If I were to die in an accident in such a situation, I would like to have this video played at my funeral!


  1. I continue returning to your site to see what new movies you ahve found,

    the japanese toilet and massage chair movies mad me laugh till I cried !

    Great site, well done, thankyou for the laughter and interesting reading,

    I am currently in Bali yet will soon go to Bangkok to teach english.



  2. Jayne,
    I'm the mom of a student in BDSS. My child showed me your blog when you just returned from Fushun. I noticed when I reread your Fushun posts now, you have deleted the parts on the misbehaved children.

    Were you pressured to do it? Was the criticism too much to bear? Have you chicken out?

    I was hoping you would write more about the problems in the school. I'm sure you're aware of the problems that exist. Is transfering our child the only right path to take?

    I'm curious to know how Jaymes is now.