Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fountain of Wealth

After dinner, we brought Tony & May to Suntec City. I wanted them to make a wish at the Fountain of Wealth.

As it was still early, I went to Carrefour while the kids went to shop for souvenirs.

I went to look for my chocolates!

Ooooo.... I just need to have these sinful, evil stuff. Champagne, Green Tea & Earl Grey flavoured chocolates.

We discovered Tasty Treats. The many food stalls just next to Carrefour. I read about their poor sales. It was very quiet at 8.25 pm.

We bought a slice of Don's pies (S$4). And ate on the spot. It was still hot & the pastry is so flaky. I don't like the strong peppery taste but Chris loves it.

Next to Don's is a Dessert Shop. I bought Mango Pudding (S$3.30) & Steamed Milk (S$2.80, good for the complexion!). Both were very good. The Steamed Milk was quite thick.

There was a laser display before the Fountain was opened to the public at 9.30 pm. There were many tourists waiting to walk round the fountain.

After making their wishes, the kids asked for supper. Again! I had put on nearly 2 kg these 2 weeks. haiz......

We brought them to Dunman Road Food Centre. We had Char Kway Teow, Fried Carrot Cake & Pork Satay.

Chris & I had the famous Prawn Soup Noodle. Towkay ran out of prawns but never mind lah, it's his soup that is good. For S$2, mmmm........

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