Sunday, May 14, 2006

People's Park - Chinatown

I had to do some shopping for my China trip. Jaymes & Lorentz tagged along.

The Indian Temple at the edge of Chinatown.

I bought some souvenirs of Singapore to give to the Chinese students.

The famous Bak Kwa store.

We saw this old shop that was selling incense products, paperware & joss sticks.

Paper clothes & accessories.

Dim sum, cigarettes, MP3?

You need to look rich too.

Looks like Hell also has its vices. Beer, mahjong, gambling cards. You even have dentures! Hell is anything but boring. I want to go to Hell! ha ha ha........

I bought two jackets at Yu Hua Departmental Store. The kids bought lots of titbits. I bought some local snacks.

There was a food fair outside People's Park Hawker Centre. We bought a Otak Burger (S$1.80) each. It was good! I bought one for Chris. We bought 2 pieces of Vegecrisp.

Jaymes wanted the Taiwanese XL Chicken Chop (S$3.50).

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