Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chinatown Chinese New Year Bazaar

Brought Jaymes for his medical appointment at KK women & children's hospital in the morning, & then we took a bus to Chinatown. www.visitsingapore.com/cny.cny-lightup.htm

The weather was fine, many people were out shopping today. We strolled down the lanes, checking out most of the stalls & tasting the foodstuffs. Prices were not cheap.

Jaymes bought this magic ice-cream stick. We saw this in Bangkok, Thailand, but I didn't allow him to buy then because of hygiene reason. Today he finally got a taste of it & he liked it so much, he went back to get another one before we went home.

We bought some Taiwanese Mochi from this stall. Pick & choose 100g for S$1.80. I was quite shocked when the lady in front of me paid S$21 for her 3/4 bag of candy. The stallholder teased me by making a horrified expression on his face when he weighed my candy. It was S$10. He gave me 4 free pieces of jelly.

(When I got home, I weighed the bag of mochi. It weighed only 425g! The price should be S$7.65. He overcharged me S$2.35 - that is almost 31% !! It has happened to me every time I shopped at Chinatown's Lunar New Year Bazaar. Some of the stallholders will do something to their weighing machines or they would not let you see it when they are weighing. )

We had dessert at Dong Yuan. Jaymes ordered a Mango Pudding & when it arrived he unconsciously popped the cherry into his mouth. When he realised I wanted to take a picture of the desserts, he sheepishly removed it from his mouth & placed it back on the mango pudding. hahahaha.......

I walked over to Block 531, Upper Cross Street to buy Nian Gao, sticky rice cake. I took this opportunity to show Jaymes the traditional snacks & cakes of my dialect group. I am a Teochew, my paternal grandparents were from a small farming village in Deng Hai, Swatow, China.

I saw the famous White Rabbit Milk candy as we passed by a candy shop, Hock Lam (1998)Pte Ltd. I bought a packet & also the Kreitsen's Almond milk candy. I love to eat these when I was much younger.

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