Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Baked Chicken with Homemade Asian Sauce 没有火鸡的圣诞大餐

My trial run of Christmas Eve dinner for some lonely senior citizens who have no family and live alone. The Christmas meal would be a change from their usual meals of porridge and pickles. I hope they like what I am preparing for them.

As all of them are above 60 years old, I am going to change the roast turkey to a baked chicken as chicken meat is more tender for them.

The tangy-sweet baked chicken is marinated for only an hour with my homemade Asian sauce :

2 tbsp Korean BBQ sauce,
3 tbsp plum sauce,
2 tbsp orange juice,
2 tbsp palm sugar,
1 tbsp soy sauce,
pepper and salt

one 1.3 - 1.5 kg chicken

Unfortunately, during the trial run my oven broke down so I actually baked it in my hard-anodized pan. It turned out quite well, the chicken was succulent and tasty.

Hmmm.... should I get a new oven?

I added some sausages and slices of ham to cook with the chicken in the amazing pan. My kids made ham sandwiches with the soft pandesals I bought from Baking Brera.

I will be having Baking Brera's soft pandesals for bread rolls. Hope the seniors would like them instead of steamed rice. Well, in case they want to eat steamed white rice, I will cook a pot of rice to stand by.    

I have to change the vegetable salad to stir-fry mixed vegetables and the potato salad to whipped potato as the seniors do not like cold dishes. Add a pot of hot soup (my in-laws' favourite pork rib with potato and carrot soup) and grilled fish.

My meal may not be the typical Christmas Eve dinner but it will be a good experience for the seniors who have never celebrated Christmas and eaten a Christmas dinner.

Going to do another trial run before the actual day. Must make it an unforgettable experience for the elders. *smiles*

圣诞除夕夜我们邀请一些独居乐龄人士到家里共享圣诞晚餐。他们平时都是喝稀饭配腌制小菜, 从没庆祝过圣诞, 也没吃过圣诞大餐, 我要给他们做一顿难忘的晚饭。这天就先来个试吃会。

因为请的都是6旬老人, 所以必须用烤鸡代替烤火鸡。火鸡肉干柴, 真不好吃,无论怎么烤都不好吃。

鸡先用自己调制的腌料腌制一个钟头让鸡肉入味, 增加浓香味。不巧烘炉坏了, 把腌好的鸡用硬质氧化铝锅烤一烤 ~ 鸡肉不干柴,带有甜甜的香气!长辈们应该会喜欢。

另外准备超软的菲律宾面包, 香肠与火腿。圆圆的面包夹蕃茄、蔬菜、香肠、火腿或鸡肉都好吃。长辈们没有吃冷食的习惯, 我会换热炒的菜肴。

平安夜, 做几道风味各异的东西方料理, 吃没有火鸡的圣诞大餐。嘻嘻嘻 。。。