Saturday, October 15, 2016

Who Eats Fried Carrot Cake at 4 am? 凌晨四点谁来吃炒菜头粿?

It was my first time coming to Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre on a busy Wednesday lunch hour. Came with foodie friend Angie to eat an old school fried Hokkien seafood noodle and she also treated me to a glass of old school pineapple drink.

After our seafood noodle meal, Angie recommended this carrot cake stall operated by Mdm Ng. There was a long queue in front of this stall. She was busy frying plates of carrot cakes. She sells the black sweet carrot cake and the white savoury version.

Angie went looking for an available table while I queued with the lunchtime crowd for a plate of white carrot cake. A small plate costs S$2.50 (one egg) and a large plate costs S$3 (2 eggs), self-service. While waiting for my carrot cake, I had a chat with Mdm Ng.

She has been frying carrot cake here for 20 over years. Her day begins at 2 am when she comes in to prepare her carrot cake which are made by herself. She is ready for business at 4 am! Unbelievable! I wonder who eats carrot cake at 4 in the morning!

The chatty and friendly Mdm Ng told me that since this area has many elderly residents, she cannot charge them a high price for her plate of carrot cake. And these residents are sensitive to prices, they will scold her and then boycott her stall. LOL ....

When Mdm Ng discovered that I came from the east side of Singapore to try the food in this food centre located on the west, she kindly recommended a few stalls selling delicious food. I will take note and come back to visit again.

Finally it was my turn to taste her popular carrot cake. Angie and I love the aroma of the freshly fried cake and it was not oily. I love the crispy fried bits best.

Angie noticed a coffee stall next to us was serving 'pulled tea', so I queued to order two glasses (S$1 each). It was a long lunch and we chatted away, not taking note of the time. Angie had to rush off suddenly as she had an appointment.

Yuan Cheng Fried Carrot Cake,
Block 79 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre

老板娘黄女士卖炒菜头粿已经20多年了。这家摊子的菜头粿,都是老板娘自己做的; 有分白的和黑的。白色的是咸的,黑色的加了甜酱油带甜味。

我跟着大家排队, 来一碟煎得两边微焦又香喷喷的白菜头粿(S$2.50), 不油腻, 味道还不错。

老板娘告诉我, 她凌晨两点就来准备食物, 四点就开档。我真想不通谁凌晨四点谁会来吃炒菜头粿!? 还吃得下! 佩服!


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