Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nasi Lemak Kukus (Steamed Coconut Rice) 蒸椰浆饭

I was on a bus travelling to Little India when I saw the brightly lit signage of Nasi Lemak Kukus (steamed coconut rice). Co-incidentally I have been craving for a delicious nasi lemak the past few days, happily I alighted at the nearest bus-stop and walked into the eatery.

There were only a few customers queuing at the counter. I joined the queue and ordered a plate of steamed coconut rice. One of the staff told me to get my own plate and scoop my own rice as it is self-service at this shop.

While I looked around for a plate, a customer pointed to a pile of styrofoam plates at the side and asked me to take one, then join the queue. I did as told and the kind customer helped to scoop steamed coconut rice on my plate.

Above the pot of rice, a sign says " Free flow rice - not for sharing :)". Wow, free flow steamed coconut rice. I scooped only half a bowl of the rice as I am on a low carbo-diet.

The customer in front of me ordered a nasi lemak chicken wing set, I almost asked for the same set but changed my mind when I saw this wide selection of dishes.

Prices of each item was displayed clearly and openly.

Their nasi lemak chicken wing set costs S$4. It consists of free-flow steamed coconut rice with a deep fried chicken wing, a fried kuning fish, a slice of omelette, peanuts and unlimited sambal chilli.

At the premium dish section, there were a few premium items which I would love to add to my plate. But I better not waste these delicious food as I have a small appetite. I will come back another day with my hubby to eat these. hehe...

I chose a fried chicken wing, fried kuning fish, a fried egg and a piece of tempura fish. The friendly server asked if I wanted the sweet sambal chilli or the spicy sambal chilli. I hesitated for a moment and opted for the regular sweet sambal chilli. My plate of nasi lemak cost S$8.

I ordered a glass of milk tea which cost S$1. The meal was delicious and worth every cent of it.

After I had finished eating my meal, I joined the queue again to order two packets of nasi lemak to takeaway for my guys' dinner. I chose to add some deep fried chicken skin, a tempura fish and the spicy sambal chilli for my son who was visibly shocked at the spiciness of this chilli.

My son enjoyed eating his packet of nasi lemak, so did my hubby. We are definitely going back to try the other dishes. haha....

Open Mon - Sat 12:00 - 9:30 pm
Closed on Sundays

今天下午, 去小印度途中, 在巴士上看到这家蒸椰浆饭餐馆的闪亮招牌。刚好这几天在念我想吃的椰浆饭,就马上下车解解馋。还好餐馆里没几个食客, 我快快去排队。

这家餐馆是自助式的, 自己拿盘舀饭, 配菜选择丰富。以传统方法蒸熟的椰浆饭随你拿, 两种参峇辣椒无限量供应! 哇! 蒸椰浆饭清香好吃, 辣椒还可以让你选甜参峇辣椒酱或辛辣参峇辣椒酱!

一盘蒸椰浆饭炸鸡翅膀套餐 ~~ 4新币
有蒸椰浆饭、一只蛮香的炸鸡翅膀、一条煎鱼、一片煎蛋、脆花生, 加上几片黄瓜和无限量参峇辣椒酱

吃完了好吃到舔手指的蒸椰浆饭套餐, 我排队打包两份套餐, 再加上一份炸鱼 (S$3) 和一份炸鸡皮 (S$1) 给海南哥们当晚餐。给儿子那包椰浆饭淋上了辛辣参峇辣椒酱。。。他让我尝一尝 ~~ 哇! 真是辣死你妈了!

营业时间:12:00 - 21:30,周日休息  
费用:4 - 12新币

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