Monday, May 16, 2016

Ting Zai Porridge (Sampan Porridge) 暖心艇仔粥


When my Teochew big sister Margaret, who is a qualified cooking instructor, announced that she was going to share the tricks to cooking a pot of silky, smooth Cantonese jook (congee) within an hour. I signed up immediately.

I love porridge and regularly cooks my Teochew version. It's a classic, comforting dish for me any time. My son prefers the Hong Kong Cantonese style porridge, so I am learning to cook jook for him.

Margaret used frozen rice and some glutinous rice. Both are cooked thoroughly and have to break down completely so there are no whole grains left. This is the secret to good Cantonese-style porridge.


She also taught us a new method of cooking century eggs - deep fried in tempura batter. She showed us a tasty peanut sauce dip to the century egg dish.

Although it requires more effort to prepare the hundred-year-eggs but the final product came out delicious ..... when eaten hot. Margaret made a mistake of allowing us to taste them as she cooked, there wasn't much left at the end of the session. hahaha.....


There was some leftover batter, so she made crispy tempura brinjal which I like. Several of us couldn't resisit snacking on them. Fortunately, there was enough tempura brinjal to go round. :P


Our pretty display of the delicious dishes we cooked in half a day! We are awesome! *applause*

潮州人煮广式粥! 要达到广式粥那种稠粘绵密的效果,却极其花费时间功夫。但我的潮州大姐 Margaret可以在一个小时之内, 烹煮一锅绵香好味的广式粥。再添加另外两个小菜 - 香脆的茄子天妇罗和皮蛋天妇罗。

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  1. Just had porridge yesterday. not feeling well. Just plain oyster and scallop porridge . Nothing as nice as yours