Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection 乳腺癌筛查和早期检测


I went for my annual doctor's appointment at National Cancer Centre this afternoon. My oncologist Dr Ong Kong Wee was on medical leave, so I was examined by a lovely Dr Hani Trasil.

In year 2011, calcium deposits were discovered in my left breast and a biopsy was performed. Today, 5 years later, I have been given a clean bill of health and discharged.

As there is no family history of cancer, I am in the average risk group. But I still have to perform monthly breast self-examination (BSE) and go for a mammogram every two years.

To fight breast cancer, we must plan to detect the disease in its early stages. Women over 40 years old need to go for a mammogram yearly. Early detection of breast cancer offers the best chance for a cure.





今天下午, 我去新加坡全国癌症中心做定期复诊检查。

 2011年体检时照了乳腺的X光,结果发现左边的乳房有细小密集的钙化灶 (指钙在乳腺组织上的沉积,在乳房钼靶上看是一些小白点)。医生建议我进行手术活检。如今,5年过去了,今天医生告知我检查显示一切正常, 以后每年只需定期检查一次就好。



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