Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tiong Bahru Wall Mural - Bird Singing Corner 中峇鲁壁画"遛鸟角落"

TB mural birds4

The “Bird Singing Corner” mural is an iconic scene so representative of Tiong Bahru! The bird singing corner in Tiong Bahru conservation area (SIT flats) was a famous one in the 80s. It was demolished to build a boutique hotel.

TB mural birds3

There was a coffee shop next to the bird singing corner. The men would sipped beverages and eat toasts while keeping an eye on their birds.

TB mural birds2

TB mural cat

Although it was a weekday, several people came to take pictures of the mural. Residents of Tiong Bahru who were walking through the corridor looked at us in amusement.

They are going to see more visitors soon.

TB mural birds

“Bird Singing Corner” mural by Yip Yew Chong -  at Blk 71 Seng Poh Road

中峇鲁壁画"遛鸟角落"是本地画家 Yip Yew Chong的作品。

遛鸟角落曾经是中峇鲁的“奇观”,吸引四面八方的养鸟者聚集一起喝茶赏鸟。中峇鲁遛鸟角落被拆毁后, 在原址建了一家的精品酒店。

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