Monday, March 28, 2016

Cooking An Indian Meal At Home 在家烹煮印度餐

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I hosted some overseas friends to dinner at home one night and cooked an Indian meal for them.

One day before the dinner, I went marketing at Tekka Wet Market in Little India for the first time. What a remarkable variety of produce! I was able to get all my ingredients and Indian stuff from the market, except I forgot to buy banana leaves.

I was trying not to be too ambitious. My friends are from China, so I needed to make sure even the unadventurous also could appreciate Indian food.

The dishes I was planning : Curry Fish Head, Butter Chicken, Prawn Korma, Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower curry), Indian spiced tofu, Samosa and papadum.

Butter chicken

I started meal preparation in the morning and was taking photos as I cooked. I had no one to help me and was in a panic when I found I was running out of time. So I had to stopped taking pictures and concentrate on my cooking. hahaha.....

The whole house was filled with curry smells and I was worried my neighbours would complain.

Prawn Korma

Fish Head Curry


Fortunately I was able to finish in time. Not too bad, eh?

My Chinese guests have eaten Indian food before, they were familiar with some of the dishes. The curry for the fish head was too spicy for them. Besides preparing the crispy French loaves, I had to cook plain rice so they could eat it with the spicy curry.  

Chicken Bryani 

My son came back for a change of apparel because of a company event that night. Seeing the yummy spread, he couldn't resist having a plate of Chicken Curry with Bryani rice and a French loaf.

I was glad that my guests and family enjoyed the meal.... the plate were almost licked clean.

我邀请海外朋友到家里吃晚饭, 准备煮印度餐, 给他们一个惊喜。来自中国的客人品尝过印度菜肴,他们也熟悉一些印度菜。

他们觉得我煮的咖喱鱼头太辣了。我除了准备香脆法国面包蘸食咖喱汁, 我也多煮了一锅白饭搭配。好在他们还满享受这顿饭, 菜几乎都吃完了, 我挺高兴的。


  1. you went all out! No Indian dish is easy and you made a bunch! I have made a number of those!

  2. Yes I did! Good that you can cook Indian dishes.