Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Maisen Tonkatsu, Bangkok


On our last Bangkok trip, my Thai friend brought us to EmQuartier Mall and recommended a restaurant that serves good tonkotsu.

We had a table near the window where we could see Benjakitti Park. The restaurant has a stylish setting. It was almost past lunch time, so there were many empty tables.

We order two tonkotsu rice sets and a spicy black pork belly soup set.

The restaurant is famous for specializing in tonkatsu. The legendary golden fried tonkatsu was crispy and fluffy.

My meal for three came just a little near 2,000 baht. It's a bit pricey but I would return again given the quality.


  1. I like tonkatsu but given a choice between it and genuine Thai food, I'd opt for the latter pretty much every time! ;b

  2. Now everything also pricey already. Most important is that it tastes good.