Monday, March 30, 2015

Restoran Lemon Tree @ Johor Bahru


Several Malaysian friends have recommended this restaurant in Johor Bahru and it was through sheer luck I went there for dinner. I had arranged with a girl friend to collect some foodstuff from her. She suggested we meet at this restaurant.

My husband and I had a hard time finding it as our GPS went haywire and made us drive in circles. Thanks to kind locals who gave us the directions to the restaurant, we managed to find it an hour later.

My girlfriend brought her kids and we had a sumptuous dinner. As she is a regular at this restaurant, she ordered the following dishes : Lamb Shank, Grilled Chicken Chop, Seafood Mee Mamak, 4-Cheese pizza. The portions were big. I had the grilled chicken chop which was succulent. I seldom eat French fries ... Lemon Tree's fluffy fries are irresistible. :)

Restaurant owner and chef Jeffrey Bong emerged from the kitchen briefly to say "Hello".


After the main courses, the kids wanted desserts. Despite declining her offer due to our stuffed tummies, my girlfriend went ahead and ordered 5 sets of desserts : Volcano cake, Mousse Au Chocolate and Tiramisu.

We were glad we ate these desserts .... they were really yummy, especially the tiramisu (to die for!). The desserts were beautifully presented, they were not overly sweet.


We were lucky to meet the young, good-looking pastry chef Kevin Sio who has more than a decade of experience in baking.

It was an enjoyable evening of good food and great company.


  1. Replies
    1. Got address I also lost my way. It's at Taman Melodies. Google for the address. :)

  2. I just had an awesome lamb shank over the weekend!

  3. Interesting name for a restaurant. Reminded me about the Lemon Tree song. Food looks yummy and there are a variety of it here

    1. The Lemon Tree song was in my head throughout my stay in the restaurant. haha.... really good food here. Will go back for the lamb shank.