Friday, December 26, 2014

Smooth Desserts In Chaozhou City - Photohunt

pretty five-flavour bean curd 潮州五味豆腐花

Photohunt Theme : Smooth

Within the ancient city gate of Chaozhou city is a tiny shop selling creative desserts.

Together with 3 of my tour members, we ordered their speciality : 5-flavours bean curd and another 3 desserts - steam milk pudding, pomelo with mango. honeydew with sago.

The 5 flavours of the bean curd were original, black sesame, strawberry, green tea and mango. A small saucer of sour prune powder came with the order. We couldn't taste the different flavours of the bean curd, but this sweet and sour combination was appetising.

The bean curd and steamed milk pudding were silky smooth.


Couldn't resist the smooth strawberry sundae from "golden arches" in China. hahaha.....


  1. I love how they have the different flavours of bean curd served together - the presentation looks wonderful. Great shots for this week's hunt.

    Have a super weekend.

  2. Mango oh so good. Orange were on sell here.
    Hope 2015 is smooth going.