Saturday, June 07, 2014

Creative Vietnamese War Survival Skills - PhotoHunt

a soldier's creative use of azure coloured pens in this model plane

PhotoHunt theme : Creative/Azure

Imagine living in an underground village which was connected by a network of
tunnels over an area of 200 km. The tunnels were dug using simple tools and bare hands.

Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh city is amazing, I went on an interesting guided tour to see how these people lived during the war.


All the soldiers and family lived underground in cramped spaces without light and wind. During the short 5 minutes I was in the tunnel, I felt claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Incredible that these people lived in such conditions for years.

replica of an underground factory sewing uniform for the soldiers

The community built living quarters, headquarters, kitchen, hospital, ammunition making factory ....., every thing underground so they didn't have to venture out unless necessary.


They had a creative solution of diverting the smoke to an area which would come out in small puffs through an inconspicuous hole so as not to be detected when they cooked.

drawing spring water to the village

It was a real eye opener to see the survival skills that were necessary during a war. I have to admire the way the Vietnamese fought back and adapted to the hard conditions in order to survive.


  1. Whenever I see war conditions, etc., I fervently hope that I never have to live in a warzone -- and am saddened that even today, there are people who do. To paraphrase the Beatles, why can't we give peace a better chance?

  2. Hi ECL, I think I would be claustrophobic too and probably would not have lasted very long. I like the creative plane sculpture. Great take on the two themes.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. But i am too fat to walk into those tunnels, later kena stuck how la :(

  4. This reminds me the after war times in Germany when I had to go into a bunker where people lived sometimes with 5 children in one "room" my Mother's cleaning woman lived there and there was no telephone. I hated it, it smelled so badly inside ! Not to say it stank terribly

  5. Would love to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels!

  6. I don't think I can live in such claustrophobic underground tunnel! But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!

  7. Time of that war was over I was an early teen. Usual not much come good from war.
    Coffee is on

  8. That is a real eye opener. We take so much for granted.

  9. I have not been there but seen many photos. Dont really know what I will feel when i go there