Friday, April 18, 2014

Ice Cream Heaven in Ho Chi Minh City - PhotoHunt

Find Indigo in the Rainbow cubes which I ordered 

PhotoHunt theme : Indigo/ Still life

On our last day in Ho Chi Minh city, a tour member was desperately trying to dispose off a huge supply of bananas presented to him by a lady. Every tour members was given bananas for breakfast and lunch. When we met him during tea time, he was still trying to "push" his bananas to us. :D

brought our own bananas to an ice-cream parlour ... LOL

One of the tour members suggested having banana split ice-cream, so we piled into a taxi and arrived at a classy ice-cream parlour.

It was a Vietnamese cafe selling high-end French ice-cream. In Ho Chi MInh City we did not expect a high class ice cream shop. The Franco-Vietnamese ice cream has a range of home-grown flavours, including durian, star anise and green tea. We struggled to make a choice.


This is a mint and vanilla flavour ice-cream, I thought the decoration was a cabbage leaf but it turned out to be white chocolate. Very creative!

20140323_172059 (1)

My husband's coconut ice cream. Looks too pretty to be eaten and it was very delicious.

I ordered a plate of beautiful Rainbow Cubes, 7 fruity sherbets.


There is a fondue set which comes with 14 mini-scoops of ice cream and it was a good way to sample the flavours.

The ice cream was a little pricey to Vietnamese standards but it was good quality ice-cream and beautifully present - a lovely treat!


Still life  - Coconut ice-cream 


  1. Oh my... those ice creams! i hope they are available in Penang :(

  2. I hope so too, so that I can taste them again when I visit Penang. :)

  3. I went to a ritzy ice cream place when I visited Vietnam too! Seems like it's something from the French from that the Vietnamese (with enough money to do so -- yeah, it's expensive by local standards) enjoy.

    1. Interesting to find several ritzy places in HCMC. I spoke to many locals on the trip and they are not earning high wages. I am curious why these high end places are packed with customers.

  4. Your rainbow cubes are amazing, what a fantastic idea. Lovely ice cream presentations, I have my spoon ready :)

    Happy weekend, dear ECL!
    indigo ~ still life

  5. Looks delicious and is so beautifully presented !

  6. Great shots for this week's theme!

    That ice cream looks gorgeous - such amazing presentations.

    Have a super weekend.

  7. oh my! That is incredible - i have not seen that kind of care with ice cream

  8. I am a huge ice cream fan! I love gourmet ice cream and I always sample the ice cream when I am abroad :) Wonderful!

    Iowa Voice

  9. Hi ECL, my goodness these look so delicious and they are so beautifully presented. And now I'm craving some ice cream.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. ...such decorative, beautiful ways to serve ice cream!!

  11. Looks so delicious and I love seeing the rainbow cubes!

    Happy weekend!

  12. This looks like a nice shop and all the dishes look pretty!

  13. Ha ha yeah it does look like a piece of cabbage! ;)

  14. I like your hubby's choice the best, yum and so pretty! :)

  15. I like hubby's choice, yum and def too pretty to eat! :)

  16. i wanna try their coconut ice cream . friend told me it's famous there