Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Nightingale @3rd Rendezvous With French Cinema


Attended the incredible opening night of 3rd Rendezvous with French Cinema followed by the screening of The Nightingale (“Le promeneur d’oiseau”) by Famous French director Philippe Muyl, best known for Le Papillon.

"The Nightingale" was shot in China (Beijing and Guangxi) with an all-Chinese cast featuring respected China actor Li Baotian, best known for his parts in Zhang Yimou films such as Ju Dou (1990) and Shanghai Triad (1995).


Muyl was accompanied by the producers of "The Nightingale" Ning Ning and Steve René, and cast members Li Xiaoran and adorable Yang Xin Yi at the event .

The movie, in Mandarin with English subtitles, was screened at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre in the presence of its director and the main casts.

Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre

This year, the 3rd Rendezvous with French Cinema goes behind the scenes this year with a focus on the directors and screenwriters of this year’s selection. The delegation for 2013 includes directors Philippe Muyl (“The Nightingale”), Arnaud des Paillières (“Michael Kohlhaas”) and Eric Rochant (“Möbius”) and screenwriter Christelle Berthevas (“Michael Kohlhaas”). These delegates will be present at selected screenings where they will share with members of the public the filmmaking process and their personal experiences while directing or writing for this year’s films.
(Right) His Excellency Mr Benjamin Dubertret Ambassador of France to Singapour with Christelle Berthevas (French screenwriter), Arnaud De Pallieres (French Director)

Synopsis of The Nightingale :

Grandfather lives alone in Beijing after leaving his hometown to allow his son Chongyi to attend university. For 18 years he has been taking care of his only friend, a nightingale. 

Although his son and daughter-in-law gained fortune and fame, they have become distant and they rarely talked to each other. Their only daughter Renxing reluctantly went on a trip with the grandfather. 

Brought up in the lap of luxury, the young girl who cannot spend time without iPad, game machine, or cell phone faces a bumpy ride on her journey to her grandfather’s hometown. They get lost after getting on the wrong bus and camp in a cave. Stranded in a small village, they mingled with local kids. By showing the granddaughter who once teased her grandfather about the family beginnings, she gradually shows interest in his life, and the film leads to her realization about her own feelings on this. 

Listening to the grandfather’s story of returning to his hometown to keep a promise with his wife, the granddaughter comes to think about her root, the lives of others, living with nature and the contrasting busy life in the city. This film provides an opportunity to calmly think about simple values lost in China as that society becomes richer.

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Taking place from 5 to 8 December 2013, the 3rd Rendezvous with French Cinema features a total of 15 unrealised films spanning various genres to be screened at four venues – The Cathay, Shaw Theatre Lido, Golden Village Marina and Alliance Française Theatre.

Films and schedules: