Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragon Boat Carnival 2013 端午嘉年华会2013 - RT

Vivian Bala
Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was invited to demonstrate his calligraphy skills  Photo credit : SFCCA

I attended the Dragon Boat Carnival 2013 co-organised by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) and Toa Payoh Central Community Club. Now in its third year, the event commemorating the Dumpling Festival, was held at the Toa Payoh Community Library's amphitheatre.


主宾维文医生演讲时,以中文说:“大家早上好,我很高兴可以和大家庆祝,端午节快乐!”,引来在场公众的热烈掌声。为了上台演讲这几行中文句子, 维文医生苦练中文演讲词两天。

活动从上午10时开始至下午3时。嘉年华会少不了令人垂涎欲滴的美食, 其中包括粽子。特别的是,各大方言群会馆提供“古早”味的华族传统小吃。

dry dragon boat 2
"dry" dragon boat race  Photo credit : SPH

It was the first time I saw a "dry" dragon boat race. Spectators cheered as the teams, each comprising six members, ran a 50m course while having their feet strapped onto two long planks. It was a fun activity and had the spectators roaring with laughter when the members couldn't co-ordinate their feet movements and fell on top of one another.

这次嘉年华会的主轴活动之一是“趣味旱龙舟竞技比赛”。这是让因地理环境无法进行水上赛龙舟的人士,为延续传统水上龙舟赛而衍生出来的陆地趣味竞技比赛。当天采用的是延自四川省的方式,前头为飞龙造型,参赛者把脚穿进木板上,一致起步来让“龙舟”前进。 旱龙舟比赛注重的是众人齐心协力的合作精神,而非一味地强调力量的趣味竞赛。旱龙舟在中国民间相传多年,在本地却是非常罕见,主办单位希望能带起一股热潮,让公众享受这番“不一样”的乐趣。


students demonstrating the Chinese art of tea drinking  


Students from Dunman High School introduced several traditional Chinese culture. I was interested in the Chinese calligraphy and painting demonstrations.



This Chinese painting of chicks is so pretty that I persuaded the owner to part with it. I was ecstatic when she gave it to me. I am going to have it framed. :)

The Dumpling Festival is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also called Duan Wu Jie (端午节), or the Dragon Boat Festival (龙舟节). It falls on 12 June (Wednesday) this year.


  1. No Bak Chang? haha, sadly all i remember about this dumpling festival is Bak Chang, who cares about the fella that committed suicide years ago LOL :P

    1. No photos of ba changs for this post, the next post I will put them up. :)

      sigh...... nobody cares about the story behind this traditional festival anymore. The festival is getting too commercialised.

  2. Wah! A dry dragonboat race! Looks fun and hilarious too! :)

    Love the chicks drawing. Lucky you to have it.

    1. Cool huh? First time watching it.

      That's my precious chick painting :)

  3. Eating lots of bak zhang nowadays. So yummy! : )

  4. What an interesting. My daughter is practicing to write Japanese Calligraphy. :)

  5. Must have been very interesting and funny to watch !

  6. Look interesting. I like dumpling but haven't made any in while.

    Coffee is on

  7. i dont think i've seen a dry version of dragon boat race before. looks cool and fun. the painting is beautiful.