Friday, May 10, 2013

Lazy Husband - PhotoHunt


PhotoHunt theme : An unusual perspective/Lazy

Looking in the mirror, I said to hubby : I look horrible, fat, ugly. Please say something nice about me.

Hubby  : Your eyesight is perfect.

Bang! Pow! Bam! Zoink!

Moral of the story : Don't be a lazy husband, put in effort to say sweet things about your wife. grrrrr......


  1. what a minute, you said that? No your are none of the above and it is a know fact that men see themselves as supermen in the mirror and women see themselves as broom hilda and usually it is opposite. do not ever be hard on yourself!

  2. LOL, your husband has certainly learned his lesson :) Happy weekend, ECL! I am sure you are looking beautiful today.


  3. well, don't worry about what people say as long as you stay happy.
    Happy Mother's day!

  4. Hahahaha re your story!

    See you took an unusual approach to this week's Photo Hunts: i.e., you offered a photo for one theme and a story for the other!! :D

  5. lol.... i can't stop laughing. if this is true, the best thing is to ignore him completely.

  6. Sometimes it's better not to ask, ha, ha
    - Happy Mother's Day this weekend!

    Here's ours:

  7. No way, he really said that??!!! Brave man!! LOL! Happy Mother's Day ECL. :)