Thursday, December 27, 2012

Indian Gang-rape Victim In Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital for Treatment

Indian students and activists carry candles at India Gate

The Indian student who was brutally gang-raped on a moving bus in New Delhi, has arrived in Singapore for further treatment. The government of India has made arrangements for the patient to be shifted to renowned Mount Elizabeth Hospital which has a state-of-art multi-organ transplant facility. The medical treatment may stretch many weeks.
Mt Elizabeth Hosp
Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital

The 23-year-old physiotherapy student arrived at Mount Elizabeth Hospital's Intensive Care Unit at 9:05 am this morning accompanied by her parents and a team of Indian doctors led by Dr Yatin Gupta, Head of the critical care unit at Delhi's Safdarjung hospital. The victim is in an extremely critical condition and she is fighting for her life with severe multiple intestinal, abdominal and other injuries.


The victim was allegedly tricked into boarding a bus in South Delhi by six drunken men who then took turns to assault her. For 40-minutes, she was repeatedly beaten with an iron rod and raped. She had undergone 3 operations in India before flying to Singapore.

The case shocked India and the world. Thousands of people in cities all over India have taken to the streets since the attack to demonstrate both against the levels of violence and also the notoriously slow criminal justice system. Several thousand college students and activists rallied at the India Gate monument in the heart of the capital, calling for death penalty for the rapists and better security for women. Many protesters were baton-charged, water cannoned and tear gassed by the police.


Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack and have been remanded in custody.

The young woman is in an extremely critical condition. Let us keep this innocent young victim in our prayers as she fights for her life.

Photo credits: AFP, Reuters


  1. That's so violent and horrible! Hope she recovers from this ordeal.

  2. poor girl. her parents must have been miserable.i heard she has died in the hospital. i hope justice will prevail.

    1. The victim passed away at 4.45 am on Saturday (29 Dec 2012). The young life of this poor girl was snuffed out in such a brutal way. May she rest in peace.

  3. She was too badly injured. She was unconscious during the last two days before her death. Her death saddens many people.

  4. This sad news made it to the U.S. and many had gathered for a vigil in San Francisco.

    1. It shocked the world. What a sad end to a young lady.