Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Morning Walk in Yangon - WW

Local people eating noodles for breakfast on a street in Yangon.

After a hearty breakfast buffet in my hotel, I went for a morning walk around the streets. There were many street vendors selling all types of stuff or providing services. 

My breakfast - noodle in a 5-star hotel

Street stalls selling breakfast in the narrow lanes 

A local phone booth

A teenager selling noodles in a corner of the street. After 5 years of compulsory education, many parents could not afford to keep their children in school due to financial difficulties. Education was not free.  Teenagers like him have to work at an early age.

A driver waiting for passengers .... This is the public transport for the locals.

Street vendors selling newspaper and tabloids. After Myanmar abolished media censorship in August 2012, many tabloids are sold openly on the streets these days. Reporters jailed under the junta are also freed from their long prison sentences.

This is one of a number of dramatic changes former general Thein Sein has overseen since taking office last year.


  1. I like the new format of your blog. I'm gone for 2 weeks and you totally upgraded. :)
    I like Asian country hotel breakfasts! Although I have eaten street vendor food many times, sometimes you just have to be careful.

  2. AVCr8teur,
    I like this new format too. It's blogger's template, I resisted using its design initially but now find it easy and convenient to use. Glad you like it.

    I didn't dare to eat food sold by the street vendors. I didn't want to be ill on my trip. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Interesting trip to the Land of Gold, it's such a fascinating country.

  4. Wow ! all this for breakfast ?? I can't eat anything until noon ! Interesting post though. It sounds strange to me to eat noodles as breakfast. All a question of how you are raised !

    1. The buffet spread at the hotel was huge. I didn't try all the dishes as I wish to try their local food later for lunch.

      It's common for Asians to eat noodles for breakfast. We eat them for lunch or dinner too.