Sunday, November 04, 2012

Deepavali Celebrations Dinner @Katong CC

My henna tattooed hand pictured above oil lamps with a rangoli drawn on the floor 

Some residents including expatriates, the Indian community and grassroots leaders of Mountbatten constituency come together on Saturday night to celebrate Deepavali, also called Festivals of Lights. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Advisor to Mountbatten constituency MP Lim Biow Chuan kicked off the celebrations by lighting up a colourful street decoration at Jalan Batu.

Next, MP Mr Lim Biow Chuan lighted up a Diyas (oil lamps) at Katong Community Centre.

Guests savoured many delicious Indian delicacies.

Gulab Jamun aka the brown waffle balls

I was wondering what these sweet balls were. It is made of a dough consisting mainly of milk solids. Traditionally, khoya (an Indian milk product, buffalo milk) is rolled into a ball together with some flour and then deep fried.

Getting a henna tattoo on my left hand 

After dinner, there were performances by several Indian artistes who got the guests to let their hair down and join in the dancing and singing. :)


  1. what a nice celebration.

    Happy deepavali to those who celebrates. I can't wait to enjoy a day off on that day too! ;)

  2. Lindo festival e fotos! beijos,chica e linda semana!

  3. I can't get past that henna tattoo!!! I LOVE it. And, I want one on MY hand too.

  4. Lina,
    Love this festival, glad I get to celebrate it every year with the Indian community.

    I am glad to get a public holiday too. :)

  5. chica,

    Translation :
    Beautiful photos and festival! kisses, chica and beautiful week!

    Thanks, hope you have a chance to participate in the festival.

  6. Hootin Anni,
    The henna tattoo is too beautifully done, I kept admiring it and so do my friends. :)

    Do get one if you have the chance.

  7. The tattoo is beautiful and what a wonderful celebration. I could go for some of those waffle balls right now.

  8. Judy,
    It was interesting to learn a different culture and religion. The waffle balls were too sweet for me.

  9. The celebration is pretty early as actual day is only in mid month. Lovely & nice henna tattoo. Let there be light

  10. Bananaz,
    Yes, we had an early celebration as many of our Indian friends would be too busy preparing for their own parties in Singapore or overseas.

  11. The triumph of good over evil is the best reason for a celebration that I can think of!

  12. Have never tasted those waffle balls! Wonder nice or not!

  13. Sallie,
    Yes, I am waiting to have a big celebration once I win over Evil!

  14. foongpc,
    I found them too sweet for my taste because I don't have a sweet tooth. You might like it. :)