Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fire-eating and Head Chopping Magic Show - RT

Residents in Amber Neighbourhood Constituency celebrated a fun-filled Family Day with lots of activities. We were fascinated and awed by D' Amazing Bosco's fire eating skills and ....

.... head chopping. :D

The volunteer was hypnotized and placed in a specially made chopper with two cucumbers. He even had to stretch out his hands to catch his head.:)

Luckily his head didn't fall off but the two cucumbers were cut into two. Ooooo....

Do not do this at home!

The kids were so engrossed with the magic show. Many raised their hands to volunteer as the magician's temporary apprentice. Hope no one runs away to join the magician after the show ... hehe....


  1. Sounds like a great show. Everyone's too engrossed except one child on the side who's busy eating. Haha.

    My Ruby.

  2. Dropping by to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a nice comment.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your life out there. Have a nice week:)

  3. How cool this must have been for the delighted kiddos....:)
    Thanks for coming by...come back to see me soon.
    xo bj

  4. Every place should have a family day celebration!

  5. Liza,
    The food looks better than the performance. haha...

  6. Gattina,
    Don't we all wish we could spit fire! haha...

  7. bj,
    The kids enjoyed the magic shows and had great fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Chubskulit Rose,
    Yes, we get to meet the families in our neighbourhood and made friends. :)

  9. A family day is surely a fun event there. I always like seeing magic show as well :)

    Thanks for dropping by!


  10. Kids will like to watch magic shows. Bananaz would always love to know how the act being carried out and now that we have a TV program which 'exposed' the tricks making it not that exciting to watch magic shows anymore as it lost its magical touch haha. Bananaz kinda like this popular magician from China named something like Liu Chean who has lots of new magical tricks.

  11. Oh my gosh! I'd be grabbing my kids and running ;>)....I do enjoy street entertainers though.

  12. Great fun for all! I would look away when the head was to chopped!!! EEK!

  13. Such talented performers!

    Nice to be back here Ms ECL.

  14. Nossa, o voluntário teve muita coragem! Vim retribuir sua visita ao meu blog, seu espaço é lindo! Sobre os pingos de amor, sou eu mesmo que produzo em feltro, é bem fácil de costurar! Um abraço!

    O mirante da imagem

  15. Lina Gustina,
    Great fun the the whole family with cool magic shows, free ice-cream, food, candy floss, balloons....etc.

  16. Bananaz,
    We should be like the kids and just enjoy the magic shows. Don't try to find out how the magic is done or else there is no magic. I watch Liu Chen's performance too, He is a hardworking magician and is truly amazing.

  17. Sallie,
    haha.... parents and grandparents were also watching the magic show with their kids. The show was amazing.

  18. Naturegirl,
    It is not so frightening because the magician was humourous. Interesting show.

  19. Bia Hain,

    Wow, the volunteer had a lot of courage! I am reciprocating your visit to my blog, your space is gorgeous! About the drops of love, I myself produce it, it's pretty easy to sew! A hug!

    Great to have you back Bia. Love your pretty handiwork.