Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shaping Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls - RT

Before we had our traditional Hainanese lunch hosted by the Malacca Hainan Association, ladies from its Women's Wing demonstrated how to shape chicken rice balls. Besides the ladies who laboured in the kitchen to cook for us, there were also two grannies who sacrificed their Sunday morning bonding time with their families to teach us how to shape Hainanese chicken rice balls. So touched by their hospitality.


What are these used for!?

These are the moulds to shape the chicken rice balls - designed by the ladies to handle the hot temperature of the rice. 
So smart!

Grandma showing us how to shape the chicken rice balls. First scoop the piping hot chicken rice with the moulds.

The air-conditioned hall was filled with the aroma of the piping hot chicken rice. The bloggers were drooling as they took photos. We couldn't wait to taste the aromatic chicken rice.  :P

Ooooh ooh ...... it was hot!!

We have to quickly shaped it into a round ball. The grains of rice must not be too loosely packed or else it would fall apart, also we should not compressed the grains of rice too tight.

We had fun shaping our own chicken rice balls. The ladies also prepared steam Hainanese chicken and a special chilli  sauce to go with the Hainanese chicken rice. What a feast we had!


  1. heard that hainanese chicken is truly delicious. haven't had a taste of it yet. crossing my fingers now that i could get to savor it one day!

    that's truly a fun event!

  2. bing,
    You must try Hainanese chicken rice. I hope the first plate you try is prepared by a good cook so you will remember the taste forever. :D

    It was a truly fun event!

  3. These photo's are great, you give a good impression.

  4. Please send some chicken rice balls to my house for dinner. They look good.

  5. Big thanks for dropping by my blog. quite busy nowadays as we are hitting the last few days for the launch of a Philippine based reality travel show which will be viewed via www.phl360.com

    It's good to hear from you again. keep in touch!

  6. I wonder can I get it here. Is it called chicken rice because the rice is cooked in chicken broth?