Friday, June 08, 2012

Clean Graveyard - PH

PhotoHunt theme : Clean/Graveyards
dilapidated house costing more than 1 million ringgit 

On my Malacca trip, there is a dilapidated house opposite the youth hostel where I was staying. Peter, my Malaccan friend, pointed it out to us on the way as we haeded for our afternoon tea.

Sensing this could be material for a blog post, the Filipino and Singaporean bloggers seized the opportunity to explore and take photos of this dilapidated house. My hubby and Peter waited a distance away.

It was chilly within the interior of the house despite the scorching 36 degree Celcius temperature outside. There was not a sound saved for our footsteps and chatter. No chirpings of birds or crickets, no stray dogs or cats making their homes here. Dead silence.. 

The structures of this huge house were still intact. I could image how grand and beautiful it looked in its heyday.

This house was sold to a Singaporean for more than a million ringgit (US$314,000). I wonder why the owner didn't restore it. 

It was only after we emerged from the house that Peter told us it was HAUNTED! -_-

So, the house wasn't 'clean'! No wonder he stayed far away.

Peter showed us more old houses along the way, I was surprised to learn that many of them were bought over by Singaporeans. In fact there is one whole street of houses which are owned by Singaporeans. So smart of them! Why didn't I think of buying a house in this world heritage city!?

The Dutch Cemetery in Malacca 

Visiting graveyards is rarely on my travel itinerary.  But I thought the spirits occupying the dilapidated house would prefer to rest in this tranquil and clean Dutch Cemetery.

The Dutch Cemetery in Malacca was first used in the last quarter of the 17th century. 5 Dutch graves and 33 British graves lie within its compound. The cemetery was gazetted as a National Monument under the Antiquities Act 1976.


  1. Amazing story and shots!! I don't visit cemeteries either, I knew I had to take one for this week's theme.
    Happy weekend, my friend.
    graveyard ~clean

  2. the house looks very eerie and i bet it looks even eerier in the dark. the cemetery does look clean and well-maintained.

  3. Oh! Interesting to visit haunted houses! Didn;t know there's one in Melaka haha!

  4. The Dutch Grave looks clean. It's actually quite an experience visiting graves during travel. I did it in Manila and it was nice : )

  5. But I only visit Chrisitian cemetery. No thanks to visiting Chinese cemeteries - they look eerie and scary : )

  6. the haunted house gave me the jeepers or whatchamacallits, you know what i mean.

    the dutch cemetery looks pristine, just the way you want your graveyards to be.

    nice to see you on photo hunt again.

  7. I like old dilapidated houses. I often wish I could buy one and restore it to former splendor. The Dutch cemetery does have a very clean look to it.

  8. Interesting, here in the US exploring old buildings is called "Urban Exploration" quite the sport.

    I love cemeteries, most of the time.

  9. Love the haunted house pics!!! I'd live there Well fixed up of course :)

  10. There must be many "friends" floating around during your exploration.

  11. I think many ethnic Chinese would never think to go visiting graveyards as part of the tourist/traveler experience. However, in many parts of the world, there are really interesting cemetery tours offered -- the first one I went on was at Highgate Cemetery in London, the final resting places of people including Karl Marx! :)

  12. Looks very special this Dutch graveyard ! I usually don't visit graveyards neither unless they are famous for something. In Germany it's the use to go to graveyards as they look like parks with banks and even children playgrounds.

  13. The Dutch Cemetery is really unique and different from ours. It's clean and serene.

  14. It amazing how things are so different here then there...There old cabins around here from old fur trappers and even the cemetery has a different look...mine is up and the coffee is on.

  15. here in the Philippines, the Chinese cemetery is likewise a travel destination, with all its unique mausoleums and temples, with the chance to see the final resting places of famous people =]