Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Famous Places in Malacca - PH

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My recent weekend trip to Malacca was memorable and fun. I stayed within the Chinatown area where the famous Jonker Walk was two streets away. On weekend nights the whole street is closed for traffic and turns into a lively night market.

Malacca was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO on 7 July 2008. It is a favourite destination for short getaways for many Singaporeans. I love its heritage buildings, cultural enclaves, places of worship and its wide selection of yummy cuisines.

This Peranakan museum was the filming site for the famous Singapore-made TV drama, The Little Nonya. Sadly, there was no long queues to visit it.I didn't have a chance to visit it as I was herded along with the other bloggers on a quick walk around Chinatown.

Many tourists would visit this Geographer Cafe which is conveniently located in a conspicuous corner pre-war shophouse right in the heart of Jonker Walk.

On my last day in Malacca, my fun Malaysian buddies Jason and Robin brought us to this famous dessert shop,

On that extremely humid afternoon, there was a loooong queue outside this shophouse. I almost wanted to give up as I have a bus to catch to the bus terminal but Jason was adamant that we eat this famous dessert before we depart for home.

crowded at the back of the shop

crowded at the front of the shop

Jason managed to cut queue and he generously gave us a treat of this famous icy dessert (RM3 each). Many customers were waiting for seats in the packed and crowded dessert shop. We couldn't find an empty seat and our Cendal was melting .....

Cendol..... Looks good right!?

Jason (left), Robin and Chris wolfing down their Cendol, standing

We had no choice but to eat our delicious dessert standing in the middle of the room. I wish I had the time to  savour the yummy Cendol but alas, eating it standing up is also an art as I have to keep avoiding the diners with their trays of desserts. I was doing a Waltz with my Cendol. :D

 The ice shaving machines and the workers worked non-stop to cater to the long queue of customers.

The Cendol is the most popular item on the menu. There was a selection of desserts which I find a creative use of their local ingredients.

I am going to come back for the rest of their desserts!! Thanks Jason for the treat!


  1. Hi ECL, a wonderful photo collection for this week's two themes. I've not heard of Malacca and the famous Jonker Walk. Looks like a cool experience. And your Cendol desert looks so delicious and worth the wait to get one. It reminds me of a Sundae.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Trekcapri,
    You have travelled widely. You should make plans to travel to South-east Asia for an entirely different experience of our cultures and heritage. :)

    The Cendol consists of shaved ice mounded over chewy pandan-flavored worm-like 'noodles', coconut milk, a splash of condensed milk, and gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar) syrup. You will enjoy eating this.

  3. Hi EastCoastLife --

    "The Little Nonya" certainly has its fans -- I know of two in Hong Kong, in fact! Re the Peranakan Museum: was "The Little Nonya" shot there or the Penang Peranakan Mansion, I wonder? ;b

  4. do they still have Portuguese village at Christmas?

  5. YTSL,
    The Melaka residents said Little Nonya went to their town to film the TV series.

    I think it should be Malacca too as it would be too far and costly to travel to Penang for the filming.

  6. Gula melaka in desserts is so heavenly! almost like what caramel does to me. Slurrrrp!

  7. i'm a big fan of Little Nyonya series. i love the rich Peranakan history, culture and not to mention the nyonya cuisine.

  8. Wonderful share of your trip. I love the nightlights best. Oh, not to forget the dessert. Now THAT was creative.

    My CREATIVE LINK Hope you can stop by. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi hi......
    First time here n I am adding u in my blog list
    Btw which hotel u stay? N d cendol was awesome right?
    That my fav cendollll 2 thumbs up...

  10. Great collection of photos for the themes. My fave famous place would of course be the Dessert Shop. Looks like such a yummy treat :)

  11. Sounds like a fun trip and I enjoyed your shots.

  12. I would have loved to see the Jonker Walk, I have never been to China, but have visited China town in San Fransisco and in London of course.

  13. Hi ECL,I was in Melaka in 2010 for a half day tour, which of course was not enough to savor all the sights and food. Looking at your pictures makes me want to go back.

  14. What interesting places. And yes, it looks delicious.

  15. Sure looks like a cool place to is on.

  16. Actually I did not really that cendol at Jonker 88! How did you find it? And the queues are horrible - not worth queuing up for in my opinion. But that's just my opinion : )

  17. i dunno why jonker88 can be so crowded all the time, until today i cant get to sample their signature cendol despite of numerous visits there..sigh

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