Saturday, March 31, 2012

Artificial Potatoes - PH

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My girlfriends and I met for lunch at a Japanese restaurant which is well-known for its air-flown vegetables from Japan.

There are artificial potatoes today!

hmmm....I wonder how does it taste. Curious, I picked one. It's a plastic food model that looks amazingly real! Who would buy an artificial potato for S$5 (US$4)? You can't eat it.  -_-

I prefer a baked fresh potato, piping hot from the oven with oodles of melted Cheddar cheese. yum.

Rice is our staple food but the consumption of fresh potatoes is increasing in Singapore as more consumers are including potatoes in thier meals as part of a healthier lifestyle.


  1. the artificial potatoes look just like the real thing. i'll probably break a tooth if i bite one.

  2. Potatoes are healthier than rice? Really? Speaking of healthy: I do wish that brown rice was available at more restaurants but alas...

  3. My Asian stomach will miss rice if I only favour potatoes. LOL

  4. I love potatoes but not for decoration purposes :P
    Happy hunting!!
    fresh ~ artificial

  5. I wonder who would buy those artificial potatoes? I know I wouldn't...

  6. Now that's really funny ! plastic potatoes, I don't even want them as decoration, lol !

  7. I agree... what in the world would you do with artificial potatoes? It's not like they are even pretty.

    I prefer the fresh~
    I hope to see y'all next Saturday...Awesome!

  8. for teachers to take to class to explain what a potato is. I have a lot of fake food and flowers.

  9. I wouldn't buy artificial potatoes but i do love real potatoes =)

  10. Well I think in Japan they put out the artificial food (like potatoes)out on a platter so you know what you can eat in the restaurant. They are usually in the window as display. Well I had rice tonight, baked yams last night and mashed potatoes the night before that. Pretty starchy but so good.

  11. I am all with you about the artificial potato - and you must remember to cook the potato with the skin to make it healthier than rice!