Friday, January 20, 2012

Animal Parts Anyone? At Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market - PH

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Night markets are a hallmark of Taiwanese culture and the best way to experience it is to try the vendor food. In Kaohsiung, the Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市) is the oldest and biggest, frequented by locals and busloads of tourists. :O

I'm gonna start with the unusual snacks at this night market, then the popular ones in my next post. :) 

yummy braised pig trotters with braised pig blood cubes, tofu....

The Taiwanese loves anything that's braised. I love braised food too. At the Liuhe Night Market, one finds many vendors selling braised animal and poultry parts, almost every part of the pig, duck or chocken can be braised. Even tofu, pig's blood cubes and eggs are braised.

This Granny is doing a roaring business selling her yummy braised food. Not only do the locals love it, the Chinese tourists bought the braised items to go with their beer.

Highly sought after braised duck's tongues, I don't fancy this.

Need to nourish your brain (补脑)? Have a bowl of pig's brain soup. :D

Animal organs are legally sold here :D They are valued for their nutritious properties.
Don't ask me if they do work, I don't eat organs.

I cannot imagine how huge this deep sea monster grouper was, but it must have lived quite long to grow to this size. And they caught and eat it. Poor fish.

This BBQ stall has a constant long queue. Each stick of BBQ bits is brushed with their specially marinated sauces and sold from NT10 (Singapore 50 cents). You can choose from chicken thigh, wings, breasts, necks, feet, heads, pork, beef etc....

The Taiwanese named the chicken butts "7-mile fragrant" (七里香). I find nothing fragrant about it because I have not mustered the courage to try that, yet. :P They are very popular in this night market.

I heard so much about this mullet gizzard (烏魚子) that I simply must try it. I paid NT50 for a small bite. Hubby almost puke after taking a tiny bite. I bravely chewed and swallowed the rest. Don't like it - it has an extremely strong fishy taste. Too strong for us.

So, what are the popular yummies at Liuhe Night Market? Next post. :D

高雄六合夜市 - 好吃又好玩!


  1. Plenty of "interesting" food there.

    I like cow's brain but haven't eaten them in ages!

    Happy new year to you and family, ECL!

  2. always fun in the market especially when doing food trip =)

  3. I was at the same night market. There were so many people which makes for a festive occasion. I did not have the mullet gizzard and opted for noodle dishes instead.

  4. Hi ECL, nice to see these food display. I do not eat organs except pork liver, but it is only once in a while.


  5. Hi ECL! Happy CNY to you and your family! How is Jaymes? Celebrated CNY in hospital is it?

  6. Hope you are enjoying your CNY and wishing you a majestic superb dragon year! :)

  7. Lina,
    I don't dare to try eating brains. haha.....

    Thanks for your New Yaer wishes

  8. AVCr8teur,
    There are so much yummy food sold at this night market. I tried as much as Taiwanese snacks I could, sadly adding on some weight due to the gorging. :P

  9. Thanks Marzie!
    Jaymes is recovering well and fortunately he got to celebrate CNY at home. :)