Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tropical Christmas @Singapore - RT

Over the long Christmas holidays, I have visitors from Harbin city (China) known for its bitterly cold winters. I brought the families to our popular tourist belt, Orchard Road where they had an enjoyable time shopping for luxury goods and trying a variety of international cuisines. 

Every place we went, we had to queue and the queues were long  We queued to buy branded goods, queued for a table in a restaurant, queued to pay for our purchaes.... etc. Exhausting!

There is a unique Christmas tree outside ION Orchard where visitors could climb up to its observation deck for a bird's eye view of the shopping belt. However, the long queue and the waiting time of an hour detered us from joining the queue. 

Besides locals, there were many tourists who have come to shop or simply to soak in the festive atmosphere. We were bumping into people every where we turn. I don't like crowds but it was quite an experience celebrating Christmas with so many people! :)

The Christmas decoartions put up by the various shopping malls were very pretty. My guests took many beautiful pictures. The children were particularly happy because they received many presents and got to try a variety of food from countires around the world.  

Enjoy the Christmas decor along Orchard Road before they are taken down to usher in the New Year.


  1. Those are sure lovely Christmas decorations. Very festive. :)

  2. last year I was there..lovely decorations.

  3. Nice Christmas decorations! But always so many people at Orchard Road during this time!

  4. Beautiful!


  5. As always, love the Orchard road's xmas decorations. But I also dont like the long queues.

  6. Singaporeans should be very proud of the Christmas decorations. I have not seen such wonderful ones in another city.

  7. Happy 2012 ECL! I wish this new year brings you all the very best in life, love and luck! Much love n hugs! :)

  8. That huge Christmas tree is beautiful.

    The bright lights along Orchard Road makes it look like wonderland.