Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mediacorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2011 - PH

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The MediaCorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2011 ended on 2nd November with Singaporean Sales Manager Chong Kiat Chi "outpalming" 399 contestants to drive away a Subaru Impreza WRX MT Hatchback worth S$92800 (without COE).

42-year-old Chong had his palm on the car for 75 hours and 36 minutes. It was his 6th attempt at this annual event. Congratulations to Chong Kiat Chi on his win!!

The contest which took place at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza attracted hopeful contenders from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

exercising their limbs during a 5-minute break

The contestants got a 5-minute break every 6 hours to eat, go to the toilet, get a massage and clean up. Not everyone managed to do all that during that short time.

enduring the scorching heat

Cooling down with a spray of water

The weather wasn't kind at all, one moment it was scorching hot and the contestants needed a spray of water to cool down, but the next moment they were drenched to the skin due to heavy downpours. By the 2nd day of the contest, some of them were looking like zombies. :P

Adam Kamis and hsi friend Andrew

One particular contestant stood out from the rest. I salute Adam Kamis, the 32-year old one handed contestant. Kamis, who lost his arm in a bike accident in 2003, had to retire because of severe blisters on his hand. He told concerned fans that his skin was sticking to the car and when he pulled hard, blood gushed out. Ouch.

In the light of how tough this challenge has become year by year, I don't think I can outpalm anyone. I probably would end up a laughing stock for being the fastest to exit. LOL.... so I am going to give up trying. 


  1. all those iron-willed souls that entered. @.@

    Congrats to the winner.

  2. Every so there a hand on contest here on something. But I personal never seen one.

    Coffee is on.

  3. It doesn't look that hard if you lie down, but if the weather isn't cooperating, I can see how contestants won't finish. I don't see any women competing.

  4. Couldn't do this. But I am always in for a cup of coffee :)

  5. Hi all,

    First and foremost, I just would like to thank the website and especially the writer of the article for highlighting me and my cause, I’m truly grateful and appreciative.

    Secondly, I just would like to thank all of you for your support and kind words, I’m truly flattered and humbled.

    Though I did not manage to meet my primary target of 48hours as I was forced to walk-out from the event at the 42hrs plus mark after my left palm had stick to the car surface due to badly infected blisters with blood and pus oozing out, and I was strongly advised by the paramedics and head marshalls to do so, I’m glad that I achieved my goals which are:

    1. To raise public-awareness about disability sports.
    2. To prove to society that Disabled does not mean Unabled, it’s THISabled.
    3. Thisabled have fighting spirit and fortitude, and we deserve equal opportunity instead of being disqualified because of our disability.
    4. To raise awareness and funds for Mr. Mohd Noor Azri and his family who are appealing for help. (

    I look forward to next year’s event and I hope to be able to last beyond the 60hrs marks if I’m given another opportunity to participate.

    By now, I also hope by my participation in the event, it will have given much encouragement and confidence to other THISabled individuals to take part in such events.

    Thanks once again.

    Adam 1ArmRunner