Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gardens By The Bay Preview - WW

In land scarce Singapore, it is incredible that 101 hectares of prime waterfront land is set aside to build a world class garden. Over the last five years, this spectacular garden has been gradually taking shape and on Tuesday I had a chance to preview it thanks to the 20th World Orchid Conference.

It was almost 3pm when I reached Gardens By the Bay and dark threatening clouds were looming in the sky. As I strolled along the Dragonfly Bridge towards the garden, many dragonflies were gleefully fluttering around me.

It has been ages since I saw a dragonfly in Singapore!

Many Singaporeans and tourists came for the preview. I did not buy a ticket (S$15 per adult) to the Flower Dome preview as I was meeting an overseas guest at Marina Bay Sands in an our.

I am truly impressed with the garden artistry despite that it is still under construction. I am looking forward to  its opening day.

One key feature is the Heritage Gardens, comprising the Indian garden, the Chinese garden, the Malay Garden and the Colonial Garden. Visitors do not need tickets to enter the Heritage Gardens.

The Marina Bay Sands features prominently as the backdrop for many photographers' shots. Have to make a note in my diary to book a night at MBS and request for a room facing Gardens by the Bay when the attraction officially opens in June 2012. Yeah.

The unique Flower Dome

Supertree Grove

The 18 tree-like structures are uniquely designed vertical gardens. I can't wait to see how they will turn out. It would be a cool structure to have in my garden. :D


  1. this does look beautiful...the more dragonflies (or Mosquito hawks as they are also known) the fewer biting insects!

  2. such a neat place. I know I would enjoy.

    Coffee is on.

  3. Singapore is still growing! I love it! There are a lot of travel packages to Singapore, I wish I can visit and travel there... If I more money I will and surely I'll search for these establishments especially the "Flower Dome."

    Lette's Haven

  4. Nice! I can't wait for it to fully open to public.

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  6. That would be another attraction in Singapore.

  7. magical place!!!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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    < ° ) } } > <

  8. Wow that is so wonderful! I wish I could visit the place someday.

  9. I passby this garden structure while going to MBS. This will be my next visit next year. Sorry I cldnt get to meet u this time coz of time constraint again. Will try to make a longer visit next year.

  10. I didn't know one could enter the Heritage garden for free!I didn't have time to go to the Orchid flower show and with our unpredictable afternoon weather, I didn't even venture out to the almost completed Garden by the bay. Where's the access to the Dragonfly Bridge?
    I went to Bishan park a few weeks ago and found so many dragonflies around the pond there.

  11. Wow! Magnificent structures. When I go to Singapore for a visit, I will definitely want to go sight-seeing here.