Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cook and Share A Pot Of Curry Day

Rendang chicken with mini French loaves and pratas for breakfast 

I woke up early on  Sunday morning to cook my pots of curries to share with my foreign friends. Hubby was out buying French loaf. After 4 bakeries where he reported French loaves were flying off the shelves, we managed to get mini ones. It's really national cook curry day. Get your French loaf and prata before they are sold out! :D

French loaf dipped in curry gravy! yum 

prata with sugar sprinkled on it.....

Curry - great with naan, prata or on white rice!!

It's curry party at my house. My foreign guests were treated to vegetable curry, chicken curry and fish curry. I bought mini French loaves, make pratas and cooked a big pot of white rice to go with the curries.

We show our foreign guests the different ways to eat curries and prata. 

Japanese students here on an exchange program love curry and naan

Today, more than 60,000 people (some from all corners of the globe) have indicated on Facebook that they will cook and share a pot of curry or eat curry.  Singaporeans hope the newly arrived citizens will appreciate curry and also embrace the cultures of the various ethnic groups here. 

Now back to my curry eating......



  1. One of my favourite dish is Curry and yes I have no problem in my neighbour cooking curry whatever.

    Sharing the local dish with foreigners is a good way to introduce to our real local culture :)

  2. I LOVE curry!

    But so long didnt eat curry with bread. Must go do it this evening. ^^

  3. Michael,
    Most Singaporeans welcome foreigners.

    In a multi-ethnic/cultural environment, we need to learn to understand each other's culture, respect the differences, and also be open enough to know how to take the best of each others culture and make it part of our own - to enrich our individual and collective lives.

    We sincerely hope new immigrants will integrate into our local culture and make attempts to assimilate and embrace/ appreciate the various multi-ethnic cultures we had built up so painstakingly over the decades. At the same time, we are definitely open to taking the best that they have to offer, and to create new and beautiful Singaporean things.

    I am always happy to share a pot of curry with my foreign friends.

  4. Lina,
    Too much good food and with such a wide variety to choose from, sometimes we forget the simple meals.

    I like to dip bread or Khong Guan cream crackers in a cup of Milo too.

  5. *brings white rice over to share some curry* :D

  6. Sounds like a curry craze and fun. Looks like you have had a memorable cook and share a pot of curry day.

  7. Wow! That's quite a breakfast. I'm lucky to have something frozen popped into the microwave.


  8. I used to eat curry with bread a lot when I was come now I don't do that anymore? Hmm....

  9. There's a National Cook Curry Day in Singapore? Didn't know there's such a thing!

  10. I love chicken curry with potatoes! And roti canai with curry! Yummy!

  11. wah, looks like you're having a curry fiesta here. i love bread and curry. it's a great combination of flavours.

  12. Chicken curry! Yum! That is your breakfast? I wonder what your dinner look like. :D