Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad Science in China's Food Scares - WW

During a recent holiday in China, I notice my Chinese friends are extremely cautious when it comes to dining out.

In China, there are food scares involving eggs, poultry, milk and fish which have produced full-scale panic among consumers. There is rampant use of chemical additives such melamine;  heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, pesticides and antibiotics in animal feed, as a a cheap alternative to high-protein fodder to boost protein content. Melamine could lead to fatal kidney failure.

Making chemical additives can be highly profitable. The price of melamine was only 600-800 yuan per tonne, but its price could jump 500% to 4,000 yuan a tonne when it was made into protein supplements. @_@

Scientists have to examine their conscience before making profits at the expense of public safety. Without effective supervision and sound accountability, China's food scares are far from over.

A very wealthy Chinese friend has acquired a huge piece of farm land and employs a couple of farmers to take care of his fish pond and vegetable plots. He and his family are assured that the produce from his farm is safe to eat. But what about the ordinary folks?

特色农家菜 - 手撕鸡 Hand-shredded chicken

I had a delicious meal at a farm house. The host was hospitable and prepared the dishes which were simple and nutritious. A couple of the dishes require long preparation and tedious work. I can feel the warmth and love these elders have for their family members through the dishes.    

'Hand-shredded chicken' a common dish from Guangzhou which I learnt on my recent trip and replicate it at home. It was a Success! :D

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  1. Yeah, we hear about food safety issues from China all the time. @.@

    How to make that hand shredded chicken? :)

  2. Thank you for sharing about your trip. I suppose the way to go forward for this world is a little more kindness, a little more conscience.

  3. This looks very good! Sorry to hear about the food scares in China--they are all over the world, I guess.

  4. Lina,
    It is scary, the stories that were told to me by my Chinese friends and the fake food stuff they showed me. :(

    The Hand-shredded chicken is very easy to prepare.

    Steam a chicken, let it cool and then shred them with your hands.

    In a bowl mix sesame oil, light soy sauce, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, diced chilli and spring onion. I don't have the specific amount here as I mix according to my taste.

    Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top if you like. Then pour the sauce over the shredded chicken and mix well.

  5. oceanskies,
    Lots of people have no conscience these days. At least most of them whom I meet these days are such people. :(

  6. wenn,
    Yes, surprising good and easy to prepare.

  7. Gran,
    The food scare in China is rampant and now it is happening in Taiwan. :(

    I don't think food scare is as serious in the US.

  8. i would tell you that even with all the "control" in the US, much gets out through mistakes and carelessness. Pesticides are santioned though and something as simople as celery can have as many as 126 pesticides in it.