Monday, April 11, 2011

Todai, The Mother of all Seafood Buffets

 Snow Crab Legs!!

When I received an invite to dinner at Todai, known as “The Mother of all Seafood Buffets”, I was not interested. I have sworn off all buffets in an attempt to reduce my weight. My husband who has heard fave recommendations about the buffet spread, persuaded me to go.

This upscale “all you can eat” seafood and sushi restaurant has 400 seats, but it was fully booked on a weekday! It features both international and Asian cuisine – Italian pastas pizzas, Brazilian Churrasco, Japanese sashimi, Korean BBQ and Kimchi as well as local favorites such as Laksa, Chilli and Black Pepper Crabs.

The pizza chefs hard at work

I was fascinated by its brick pizza oven which the restaurant said it took them quite a while to assemble. :) The result is an array of yummilicious pizzas that fly off their plates the moment they were done. The two poor pizza chefs were working non-stop to feed the crowds of diners!  


I realised I ate 6 slices of this super delicious pizza! Oh dear, I wonder how many days of starving I require to work the calories off!? :D

  ginseng fritter! yum yum

For those adventurous diners who crave a unique pairing of flavours, the restaurant offers a special dish of ginseng fritters served with honey. yum yum.....

Todai serves a selection of cold dishes including sushi (I find their sushi creatively done, some of the combination are unique to Todai) to signature dishes like Snow Crab legs, green mussels and cocktail shrimp. The Snow Crab legs were such a hit that diners around me were piling Snow Crab legs on their plates like no tomorrow!  

With the Japan radiation scare, many of my friends have put off eating Japanese food products. In Singapore, our Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) is well-known for its stringent checks on imported food products. Todai's management assures us that they do not import their seafood from Japan.

I skipped several courses as I was quickly drawn to The Dessert Bar with its wide spread of international fusion pastries made by their own pastry chefs. It was fascinating to watch them make the desserts from scratch.


My first taste of Korean strawberries was in Seoul. They were so sweet and juicy, I have never stopped yearning for another taste of them. That was what I went straight for when I saw the huge platter of luscious, red Korean strawberries on the Dessert Bar.They were still as sweet. sigh.....

Talking about sweet ...... the restaurant employs about 100 service staff, where almost half of them are chefs who are from Korea, and most of them are good-looking. The handsome chefs could rival some of the popular Korean TV stars. :)

The buffet comes with free-flow of soft drinks, cappucino, espresso, green tea, milo, etc. Todai also serves domestic and imported beers, wine and sake which are not included in the buffet.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal that night with Korean MTV playing throughout. (My son who is passionately in love with all things Korean, would love this place!) The ingredients are fresh and no MSG is detected. As some one who doesn't eat a lot, I find the buffet price a little expensive. But with the wide spread of dishes, those who enjoy buffets will adore Todai.

While having our meal in Todai, we could see several of their top management walking around. They cleared our empty dishes (Yah!!) and one of them had his right hand in a sling!

The place is suitable for families, company dinner and big groups of diners. There are private rooms which you can book, but place your reservations early. 

Operating Hours
Lunch: 11.30am to 4.30pm (last order at 4.00pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm to 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)

Mondays to Thursdays – S$42++ (adult), S$22++ (child)
Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays – S$58++ (adult), S$26++ (child)

Mondays to Thursdays – S$54++ (adult), S$26++ (child)
Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays – S$58++ (adult), S$26++ (child)

Todai is located at Marina Bay Sands, B2-001.
Tel: 6688 7771 (Reservation is required.)


  1. Thank you for this post. It sounds like a place for good food.

  2. Haha
    I guess you will be really guilty (of all the food eaten) when you go home :P

  3. Todai's name reminds me of Tokyo University. *^-^*

  4. Oh my! I'm drooling over the good food.

  5. Oh my goodness ... such a wonderful selection - it must have been difficult to choose which you wanted to try. Oh no! Don't tell me - did you try them all? Lol! I hope you had a magnificent time.

  6. Just two week ago, I was recommend by two of our Katong Gourmet Club's
    members that I should introduced Todai, at MBS for the next members outing.

    Their very descriptive recommendation really made me salivated.


  7. First time tried the ginseng fritter, I was told it should be taken with honey dip, as ginseng is bitter by nature.

    I tried it with honey mustard, and find that it blended very well with it.


  8. oceanskies,
    Oh yes, the buffet spread was good and I enjoyed the food which is fresh and tasty. I am planning to bring my extended family there for a birthday celebration. :)

  9. yenjai,
    I am still guilty.... :P

    Have to exercise harder to lose weight now.

  10. Lina,
    Come over to Singapore and let's have a feast! :D

  11. Kloggers/Polly,
    Yes, it was difficult having to make decisions on what to eat as I have a small appetite.

    I did not manage to try all the dishes and I'm regretting it now. So I need to go back for another round.

    Good excuse. :D

  12. i'm afraid of piling on the calories too but such delicious temptations are impossible to resist.

  13. Yummy yummy. I am so tempted to try it out. Thanks for sharing:)

  14. Wow, it is worth a try although I am also quite tired of buffet and prefer being served :P

    Thanks for sharing !