Monday, March 28, 2011

EastCoastLife on a House-to-House Visit - GE 2011 新加坡大选


Here in Singapore, our General Election 2011 is getting nearer and nearer each day.

On Sunday, I followed MP Lim Biow Chuan (47), who has been working in the Mountbatten ward for the last 5 years, on his house-to-house visit in a private condominium. Mountbatten becomes a single-member constituency (SMC). It was previously part of a 6-member Marine Parade GRC with Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at the helm.

For years, as a grassroots leader in Amber Neighbourhood Community, my husband regularly visits each private condominium in Amber to gain the support and co-operations of its Management Committee and residents. Amber NC is one of the first in Singapore to conduct house-to-house visit in a private condominium. 


Starting from the 21st-storey of Block 31 at The Esta, we knocked on every door to visit the residents.


There's nothing quite like shaking the hand of a potential MP to get a feel of what he is like and how he relates to his constituents.


After completing house visits to a block of apartments, MP Lim Biow Chuan and his community leaders were soaked with perspiration.

A government agency representative answering a question from a resident.

At 5 pm, we adjourned to the function room where the MP and government agency representatives answered questions from residents.


MP Lim Biow Chuan paused for a photo with residents and community leaders.

After walking down from 21 storeys each of two blocks of apartments, my legs were tired and I was perspiring profusely. I think I lost a kilo in this exercise. :D

I enjoyed talking to the residents who were quite warm, inviting me into their homes for drinks and to take a look of the  beautiful views of east coast from their apartments. 

2011新加坡大选 : 明智投票

I am cheering the fact that I get to vote. I am not the member of any political party. I am a swing voter who will be voting in Joo Chiat. Sway me.

I will be attending a rally to see if the potential MP Charles Chong has the charisma to lead, inspire and effect change.

Get involved both online and offline to make sure your vote truly counts.


  1. Ecl
    Lucky you that you will be able to cast your vote this coming GE at Joo Chiat. The West Coast GRC where I reside has had no contest for past few elections. I hope that there will be a contest this time at West Coast GRC.
    I have a hunch that you will vote for PAP, haha.

  2. stanley,
    Hope the Opposition can hear you and form a team to contest at West Coast GRC. :)

    I'm a swing voter. Let's see who the Opposition is sending as their potential MP candidate.

    Charles Chong is an experienced MP who has done much for his residents in his former ward. Hope the Opposition will send a candidate who can match him. That would be an interesting fight.

  3. wow! What an interesting thing to be involved in! Interested to see what the outcome will be!

  4. What interesting and amazing things you get to experience!!!

  5. I think voters like that personal touch to get to know the person and answer their concerns. Good luck!

  6. Hah, Election fever.....the candidates didn't use Kotai for campaign? LOL!

  7. very interesting and amazing blog post, i like it . .
    thanks for sharing