Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sentosa Buskers Festival - RT/WW

Magic Brian and Chris

After dinner at Vivocity on Sunday, I brought my family and several students to Sentosa Busker Festival. My son was sulky as he wanted to watch a movie with the other young people. He was pouting and dragging his feet as we proceeded to Imbiah LookOut.

We arrived just in time to catch Rani Huszar's performance at The Merlion. I promptly planted myself right in front of the performance area. My students and hubby followed suit. My son stood far behind.

Rani looked fabulous even after a day of performing for the weekend crowds. She bantered with the audience and made us laugh with her antics.

Both my hubby and son were picked to perform with her! From the photos, you can see they were having a roaring good time. :D
Chris and Jaymes enjoying themselves immensely

After the performance, my son got a chance to have a photo with Rani. He was ecstatic! He was beginning to enjoy and appreciate the buskers' talented performances. He was raring to see more and herded us to catch the next performance by Magic Brian who didn't disappoint.

Jaymes and Rani Huszar

Fortunately we got to watch Victor Rubilar, he was clearly my husband's favourite. 

4-time Guinness World Record holder Victor Rubilar and Chris

My son and students couldn't stop talking about the performances on our way. "Mom, I want to come to  Sentosa Buskers Festival next year", he announced in the car.

To the awesome performers of Sentosa Buskers Festival, thanks for the entertainment, hope to see you all next year!!


  1. Coincidentally, I was having dinner at Vivo too on Sunday:)

    So, it is a one-day performance? Sounds like a good performance that I have missed:(

  2. You always are up to something truly interesting, fun and fantastic!!

    have a great day!

  3. Denesa,
    Sentosa Buskers Festival was from 27th Nov to 5th Dec, for 9 days.

    It was a rocking festival, you missed some great entertainment. :)

  4. Jackie,
    I'm lucky that I have some really good contacts who keep me inform on interesting and fun happenings in Singapore.

  5. Wow! looks like your having fun.I wish I can go that place:)

  6. It's nice to see that you and your family enjoyed the outing together. Such activities help to bond the family.

  7. wow that's wonderful, i love festival a lot, wish i can go there once :d

  8. Your husband and son are so fortunate! I would like to have photo with Rani, I will be ecstatic as well :)

  9. How fun. Sounds like a fun event that was enjoyed to its fullest. Good for all of you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  10. Davaodelights,
    We are having them next year. Plan for a visit to Singapore. :)

  11. stanley,
    Weekends are usually reserved for the family. We try to spend time together whenever possible.

  12. azenra,
    Do visit us. Sentosa island is one attraction you cannot miss when you come to Singapore. :)

  13. Michael,
    Didn't you go to the busker festival? You could have a photo with the performers. My husband and son were indeed lucky to be picked to help Rani in her show. :P

  14. Sandee,
    We had a roaring good time. What a fun Sunday we had!

  15. Looks like your son has been made a convert to your lifestyle. He'll be wanting to go every where with mom now :)

  16. such events are fun to attend, looks like you had a blast there.

  17. wow, such a wonderful event and seems like fun is written all over their faces.

  18. glad they were able to take a photo with their favourite idols. and Rani is so gorgeous.

  19. they truly looked like they had a great time! no problem even though your son was at first pouting anymore i bet. :)

  20. OMG! That victor guy has a bra top tanline! LOLOLLLL!!!

  21. good bonding session with ur son,ECL. Usually young people prefer to spenbd time with their own instead with their family.

    Rani's got such a slender waist! No wonder ur son is so happy to be taking foto with her, haha