Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunset at Kuta Beach - RT/WW

Before my trip, I was told "must visit Kuta Beach!" by friends who have been to Bali.
It didn't impress me.

Visitors can hire this horse carriage for a ride around the beach.

There was a queue to take pictures in front of this sign. So we did the touristy thing. -_-"'

Along the beach, you see many such places serving drinks and light meals.

Kuta Beach at 5.50 pm

It was too crowded with tourists. Many were leaving when we arrived.

We were in time to see the beautiful sunset on Kuta beach. It didn't cost us a cent. We sat on the sandy beach enjoying this precious moment until darkness enveloped us ......

After dinner, I retired to my hotel room. The boys (hubby and godson) had their baths and went 'to paint Kuta town red'..... 

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  1. That looks a dreamy place to me. Now please check out the award that's waiting for you today at my blog.

  2. Sunset at Kuta beach is nice! You must be very tanned after the trip with lots of sunshine :)

    The photo with Hard Rock is nice! Your hubby is handsome!

  3. What? Have to line up to snap photographs of the surfboard? :D

  4. Ecl,
    Your photo. showing the view of sun-set on Kuta beach never fail to amaze me. Like you, I savour the precious moment, not on the sandy beach, but at home sitting in front of the computer looking at the beautiful sunset pictures.

  5. Michael,
    I'm sun-burnt! It has been three weeks since I'm back from my trip and I still have the ugly two-tone skin.

    I'm pretty fair and usually I resume my fair skin quickly. This time the tan looks like it's going to stay.

  6. Lina,
    It was stunning. You and hubby should plan a romantic picnic watching the sunset. :)

    rust me, it leaves beautiful memories.

  7. Tekkaus,
    haha.... we saw this queue of young tourists from all nationalities queuing, one by one they posed and took photos. So we joined in the fun.

  8. stanley,
    Hey, 'savour' the word to use! Me and my lack of vocabulary. *knock knock coconut head*

    These two weeks, going through the numerous photos I took of our trip to Bali, brought back very beautiful memories of our time there. I'm going to savour the precious moments from time to time.

    We rarely have a chance to enjoy the sunset in Singapore. I bet it is as beautiful. Got to start searching for beautiful sunset in Singapore. :)

  9. Wow the sunset is spectacular! Bali is such a beautiful and romantic place.

  10. For me, the highlight would be the HARD ROCK cafe!!!

    Candy for the brave this week, is my RT. Here is the link...

  11. Doreen,
    Yes, it is. Not only for couples, but great holiday destination for families too.

    Bring your boy-boy for a holiday. There're lots of activities for kids as well.

  12. Hooting Anni,
    You are all geared up for the spooky night! :)

  13. Oooh, I love those sunset pictures you got.

    Come & check me out with My Ruby Tuesday here

  14. I admired your marvelous pictures of Bali!!! This is really a place i want to visit one day!! I dream I could be on this beach!

  15. i'd love to visit Bali someday. looks like you had a blast. i prefer going to the beach when it's not too hot or overcrowded.

  16. The sunset hopefully made up for being underwhelmed by Kuta Beach. Those sunset shots are gorgeous.

  17. I am scandalized ! a Hard Rock café in Bali !! they are really everywhere. The beach looks a little like here in Egypt, but the sunsets are gorgeous ! I haven't managed to see one here yet neither a sunrise, it seams as if the night falls from heaven and the day too, lol !

  18. Kuta Beach didn't impress me too. We have better beaches in Malaysia : )