Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Wahaha in Bali - RT/WW

The succulent, yummilicious Wahaha pork ribs

Highly recommended. The best BBQ Pork Ribs in Bali. Must try. You won't regret coming here.

Win's parents were in Bali weeks before our trip to attend a wedding. Their Balinese friends brought them to this restaurant. Win's father made sure we eat at this restaurant. He kept calling Win to remind him. :D

The young waiters in their red T-shirts

From the airport, we went in search of this restaurant with the help of Tonton's GPS. By the time we arrived at Wahaha restaurant, we were ravenous. There were only a handful of diners. We each ordered a full slab of pork rib (Rp 70,000, S$10.25, US$7.85). Cheap ah!?

the interior of the restaurant

One bite of the meat and ..... wow! Heavenly! It's well-marinated and succulent. The meat just fell off the bones. We even sucked all our fingers after polishing off all the pork ribs. *burrrrrp*

The restaurant serves steaks, burgers, spaghetti and some local dishes but we didn't even take a look at them. Just zero in on the pork ribs. Yum.

The Iced Ginger Tea (Rp 24,000) and Iced Lemon Ginger (Rp 12,000) are two very refreshing drinks.

We had to go Wahaha again before we return home. The delicious pork ribs are going to be missed .......

Look out for this signboard by the roadside.

Waroeng Wahaha
Sunset Road Barat1689
Seminyak, Kuta - Bali

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  1. Looks delicious! And it's Monday in Seattle! LOL!

  2. i haven't taken my breakie and you're making me so hungry.

  3. Although I can't eat those, they sure look yummy!

    And so cheap too!

  4. They do look sizzlingly tasty.

    When I was a little girl the local shop kept pigs and when they were fully grown they were slaughtered and made into bacon. (Of course, they didn't tell children that the pigs were kept for eating.) They were kept in an old-fashioned pig sty and children would dangle there fingers over the sides in the hope of being able to stroke the pigs and also hope that the pigs didn't wipe their noses on their fingers ... pig noses being so very wet!!!!

  5. Tekkaus,
    The meat shrunk a little to reveal the ribs after cooking. :)

  6. Gran,
    It's back to work for you in Seattle on Monday. Have a lovely week ahead! :)

  7. Life Ramblings,
    I have been missing the delicious pork ribs until going to be 'lovesick'. hahaha.....

  8. Lina,
    We can go eat yummy beef ribs too. You recommend one place in KL.

  9. Kloggers/Polly,
    The children must be devastated when they learned that the pigs were slaughtered to provide them with bacon. :P

    When I was six, my grandma reared pigs which would be sold to butchers when they were grown up. They were dirty and smelly and we kids dared not go near them, the thought of touching them would be incredible.

  10. The pork ribs look yummy. I will surely look out for the Wahaha restaurant should I have the opportunity to visit Bali in future.

  11. stanley,
    It's not costly to fly to Bali from Singapore, can take one of the budget airlines.

    Please let me know if you are flying to Bali, ta pao Wahaha pork ribs for me. :P

  12. Wow that looks delicious ! and the restaurant looks nice too ! Long time I didn't have spare ribs !

  13. The ribs look totally yummy!!! I m freaking hungry now! Thanks for sharing~

  14. Yummy yummy! Definitely worth a visit to eat the best ribs in Bali! Will go during my next visit ;)

  15. oh man those ribs look divine!@! my home made pizza seems very boring all of a sudden

  16. Dun eat too much pork hor? Later grow snout and trotters?

  17. Ecl,
    Had I known that you were in Bali enjoying the highly recommended pork ribs, I would surely ask you to ta pao some for me. Hahaha.....

  18. Gattina,
    Time to go out for some spare ribs. :)

  19. dblchin,
    Every tie I look at the pic, I get hungry too. :(

  20. Michael,
    Yes, it's worth a visit when you go to Bali.

  21. Kebeni,
    Don't compare your home-made pizza with this BBQ pork ribs and it will taste heavenly. :P

  22. boh tak chek,
    I don't eat much meat these days. Luckily I haven't been eating too much chicken or else I could become a chicken. hahaha.....

  23. stanley,

    I didn't know the BBQ pork ribs was so delicious. I couldn't ta pao it as I did not go home direct from Bali.

  24. ecl, deelish looking barbeque ribs... in Bali? You lucky stiff! :)

  25. Oh! This restaurant is in Seminyak!! I missed this last time I went there! I was staying somewhere in Seminyak. OK, that means I must go again! Haha!

  26. That's some room you're stayinmg at. The ribs looki delicious.