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Bali Ayana's The Rock Bar - Most Spectacular Bar in the World! - PH

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The Rock Bar, Bali

Win's Balinese friends recommend that we visit The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa to see the sunset in Bali. I don't fancy going to bars .... plus it's located in a 5-star resort, the prices are going to be exorbitant.
*$$$ flies..... gulp*

Most Spectacular Bar in the World!

Thank goodness we went! We discovered a hidden jewel in Jimbaran Bay. The Rock Bar rocks!!

Built on natural rocks 14 metres above the Indian Ocean with the Bali waves crashing against them, it provides unparalleled 360-degree views across the ocean and back to the beach and cliffs. This innovative open-top bar is Bali's most glamorous sunset and after-dark destination.

 Guests can sit by the beach .......

watch the sun sets

vast, beautiful horizon that indulges the visitors

stunning images of the scenery

guests soaking up the chic ambience and superstar views

What makes it even more novel is the outdoor inclinator that takes you down onto the rocks. It can only bring up to four persons at one time.

We need to queue first just to get down there. The bar opens at 5 pm and I recommend getting there around this time or you won't get a seat.

nibbles - a small tapas style menu is available

Since it’s only a bar, they only serve drinks. We do not take alcoholic drinks but fortunately they have juices and mocktails. With prices starting from Indonesian Rupiah 50,000, it’s pretty expensive for juices or mocktails but that’s what one gets from a place so extravagant. :P

At least you notice why people keep on coming here no matter how far the place is. :)

This is a place that you must visit even though it's just for a few hours trip. The Rock Bar is a wonderful place for a romantic evening, where you can whisper sweet nothings amidst the beautiful setting and good music. It truly leaves a lasting impression and memorable moment in our lives. It’s one of the best places in Bali where you can look down onto the ocean below you, view the sunset sipping a cocktail, with live musicians playing.

Make yourself happy  ..... though at the cost of your wallet. hahaha.....

The Rock Bar
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran

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  1. Wow!..really spectacular. I only get to watch the sunset in Jimbaran Bay dining by the beach. The thunderous sound of waves wld indeed add to a lovely evening here.

  2. Goodness...look at the stunning seaside? No Tsunami? :p

  3. Amasing sunset and the rock bar is just fantastic place to watch it! With good food and some wine, this will make a fantastic relaxing evening.

  4. This place is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing. I would be inspired if I visit this place.

  5. It all looks so interesting - but tell me was the ride smooth or did it wobble a little? It looks a most enjoyable ride!

  6. Sweet Jasmine,
    I dined at the popular seafood restaurant street at Jimbaran Bay too.

    This Rock Bar is a lovely place to enjoy the sunset.

  7. Tekkaus,
    If there is a tsunami, this bar and the people in it will be in trouble. :P

    I was told there is another way back to the top of the cliff without taking the inclinator. I hope there is an emergency exit because waiting to evacuate the many guests using the inclinator will take a very long time.

  8. Michael,
    It is indeed a fantastic place to watch the sunset with your beloved.

    I truly enjoyed myself although the sunset that day wasn't that spectacular.

    Sitting there watching the sun go down in the far horizon and then gradually being enveloped by darkness was a unique experience.

    I recommend couples to go watch the sunset here.

  9. oceanskies,
    I'm sure you will be inspired by the stunning views and the unique experience. It's amazing.

  10. I enjoy the sunset view. It is stunning.

  11. Kloggers/Polly,
    The ride was smooth and steady, the inclinator didn't wobble a bit.

    It was fun going up the steep cliff on that.

  12. It looks and sounds fantastic, ECL, what a bar! it sure rocks :)

  13. this is wat i call alternative 享受. Some people pay money $$ to party away at some clubs, other people like yourself pay good and exuberant $$ to have laidback enjoyment. How abt a pic of urself suntanning in a bikini ? HAHA

  14. the location and ambience drove the price up I suppose.

    once-in-a-lifetime thing right?

  15. stanley,
    The sunset that day wasn't that spectacular but it was beautiful. Bring your darling there for a memorable holiday.

  16. boh tak chek,
    Now that I'm getting older, money and time is getting scarce, so must use wisely. :P

    Who wants to see chubby Aunty in a bikini!> hahaha.....

    Why is your blog private now?

  17. Hi VetTech,
    It's a hip place offering a unique experience.

  18. ewok1993,
    Located in a luxury resort and offering such stunning views, yes.... the steep prices are probably to cater to a privilege clientele and to preserve the exclusivity of this place.

  19. what beautiful shades of orange in that sky! lovely.

  20. Wow! An afternoon spent on the sea side bar watching the orange sky is perfect. The drink and nibbles look yummy. :)

    Happy hunting!

  21. Well... you're paying for the location. If it's not too crowded, I actually wouldn't mind going (and paying) just once! :)

  22. You are right that this place is best enjoyed as a couple. Anyway, anywhere will be quite enjoyable for couples as long as they think that that is the sweet moment together.

  23. and miles to go..,
    I didn't capture the beautiful shades of the sunset well. I was busy enjoying that beautiful moment with my hubby.

    I took the pictures just for a blog post. haha....

  24. Liz,
    It was an evening. I was there at 5 minutes to 6 and had to wait in a queue. Luckily I was in time for that precious minutes of the setting sun. A lasting moment which I will forever cherish in my lifetime.

  25. YTSL,
    It's worth the money and time spent looking for this place.

    We paid only S$64 for the nibbles and drinks (don't expect fantastic food) but that is akin to entrance fees for this magical moment. The money spent is well worth.

    Go for it!

  26. Luna Miranda,
    Very romantic place for couples. Food is so-so. :P

  27. Michael,
    Not anywhere lah! Cuddling or having a romantic moment in a crowded shopping mall is not only impossible but ridiculous. haha.....

  28. i'd love to visit the Rock Bar someday. looks like a great place to unwind with plenty of good photo ops.

  29. I would love to go there. What a view.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  30. That looks like a great place to visit. The views are amazing.

  31. Wow, that place really rocks. Thank you for touring us around Bali. Your stories just inspire me more to visit Bali.

  32. It looks like a lovely spot to visit :) I can see why it is highly recommended.

  33. Gee I haven't been in a bar for years. Beautiful picture of the son on the Indain Ocean. O'm trying to figure which way the sun sets on the indain ocean to east of west. I'm only about 6 hour drive to the pacific ocean.

    Coffee is on.

  34. wow..such a nice place to unwind and chill out! :)

  35. amazing blog you have. just dropping by though and took the liberty to drop ECs.

  36. I've been stopping by regularly but this is my first comment..Just loved the view.

    Absolutely spectacular.

  37. what a pleasant evening of eternity

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  38. I kept scrolling down looking for the orange sunset. Vrey spectacular place to have a drink for sure.

    Happy weekend ECL.

  39. Hi ECL,cool place! I like how it blends through the surrounding. What a nice bar to stay for a relaxing day.

  40. Wow, what an amazing place. i want to go to Bali! Wonderful orange sunset.

    Thanks for visiting my PhotoHunt. :)

  41. oh i love the inclinator.. truly with this one where you can enjoy the scene and beauty of the entire place including the rocks and sea and trees is truly spectacular.. thanks for sharing this one..