Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mountbatten residents welcome YOG flame

Singapore Ironman and Chairman of Mountbatten CCC Lim Ngee Huat passing the YOG flame to Yong Yuen Cheng Chairman of Mountbatten Constituency Sports Club.

The Singapore Youth Olympic flame arrived in Singapore on August 5. A six-day torch relay along with community celebrations have already commenced to mark this historic occasion.

With the world's eyes on Singapore, the Youth Olympic Games is a chance to put this "little red dot" on the world map of interesting and liveable cities.

Residents of Mountbatten constituency lined along both sides of  the relay route to cheer the torchbearers on as they pass their homes on 8th August 2010.

Members of the public can view the entire torch relay route and the list of torchbearers at the Singapore 2010 website, where they will also be able to track the movements of the Youth Olympic Flame 'live' via GPS. 

Each torch-bearer gets to run about 100m along the route, and the last leg on Aug 14 will see the flame light the Games cauldron at the opening ceremony on the Marina Bay floating platform.

The YOG flame will travel across the Singapore heartlands, relay-style, to drum up grassroots and community support for the inaugural YOG.


  1. It is a privilege to be one of the touch-bearers. I am certain that the residents of Mountbatten constituency have found it an event of a lifetime to witness.

  2.'s always a joy to be part of the "flame" runner right?

    I was part of Malaysia's Sukma torch runner too this year.

  3. Let us support the YOG and wish them success.

  4. wow all of a sudden you have posts frenzy =)

    Your community has so much activities =)