Friday, August 27, 2010

EastCoastLife Framed - PH

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This framed article in my living room has always attracted the attention of visitors.

One of my cousins cut out the article, had it framed and presented it to me. My family and I were interviewed for a Mother's Day Special by a local newspaper last year.

Interview conducted at our optical shop

All 3 members in our family have taken a standardized, supervised IQ test organised by Mensa Singapore at different times and scored at the 98th percentile or higher, a requirement for membership.

Mensa is the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world. Mensa's constitution lists three purposes: 1.  to identify and to foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity;
2.  to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence;
3.  and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members.

Mensa Singapore Admission Test is conducted regularly at the NUSS Suntec City Guild House.

Interested members of the public should register with Mensa Singapore for the test. Alternatively,you may email me for details. I'm the Marketing Director for Mensa Singapore.

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  1. famous. There is an article about you some more. :D

  2. Wow, a family of intelligent people!
    More importantly, a family whose members have used their intelligence to serve humanity and the beings on Earth better. :)

    I am a bit uncertain whether to register for the Admission Test. What would the Marketing Director say? (Though I think I know the answers.)

  3. Nice framed clipping from the article of your family and you :)

    p/s: I've got no PH post :P

  4. Welcome back to PH!

    it's great that all your family members have achieved that magical 98th percentile score on the IQ test. it's even cool to be a part of one of the most exclusive organizations in the world.

  5. How very interesting. I thought you were clever, but never realized just how clever you are. This something to be very proud of.

  6. welcome back. you were gone for a long time from photo hunt. hope your foot is all better.

    nicely done for the theme.

  7. Welcome back to Photo hunt ECL.

    Now why am I not surprised by your Mensa membership?

    Happy weekend to you.

  8. You've been framed, for being as smart as you all are :-) Nice article and you should be proud of your intellegent family.

  9. Wooaah, you're back to Photo Hunting! Welcome back and hope to see more posts from you in the coming weeks. :)

  10. Lots of great family history between frames now. Will that still be the case going forward. I suspect it will be hidden and electronic.

  11. that's something worth framing ECL!

    have a great weekend dear!

  12. Wow! Some famous person you have there. LOL! Nice to have you back. :)

  13. Amazing. I don't think I would do well at IQ tests, I can't concentrate long enough :D

    Lovely idea for the hunt :)

  14. I wish I could have the courage to take the IQ test. What if I fail, very paiseh!!

  15. Long time no see. Welcome back to the Hunt! It's a long time since I was the subject of a news article.. mercifully it was not a "Have you seen this man?" one!

    I was a member of MENSA too. I didn't maintain my membership beyond a year though

  16. Tekkaus,
    I'm going to be more famous and going global. :D

    In fact there were several newspaper articles on me that I would be putting up soon... hehe...

  17. oceanskies,
    Most people are intelligent and they will easily pass the IQ test.

    To score at the 98th percentile or higher, a requirement for membership to Mensa, is also not difficult.

    I'm certain you have no problem. Take the challenge.

    Register for the test. I'll tutor you. :)

  18. Elaine,
    Long time no hear!

    Still participating in PH? I'm glad to be back. :)

    When are your kids and you going to take the Mensa IQ test?

  19. Life Ramblings,

    Good to know when one has a high IQ so we are more confident of taking on tasks and create a stimulating intellectual environment for our younger generation.

  20. Bella Baita View,
    haha... it's better to look stupid before so many intelligent people around us.

  21. ewok,
    Yes, I was gone for a long time from PH! Now I'm back!

    My foot has healed ... but it is not as good as new. *sob*

  22. jmb,
    Many people are surprised by my Mensa membership. hahaha....

    Hey, that's a good reason to register for the IQ test.

    "If the idiot EastCoastLife can be a Mensa member, I can be one too!"

  23. Hello Diane!

    Renny and you did a great job hosting the Oslo Blog Gathering. Your posts about the event made me wish I was there.

  24. YTSL,
    I'm finally back and ready to play!

    So happy to hear from you again! *hugs*

  25. Hi Colin!
    Fewer people are having family photos framed and displayed in their homes or offices. They are all hidden in virtual albums.

  26. Hello Ayie!

    Long time no hear! How's cute baby!? :)

    You should frame some of your baby's photos.

  27. Criz dear!
    Nice to see you again! I'm going to be more famous in the next few months, and going global too. haha....

  28. NicoleB,
    The IQ test is not more than an hour. You can do it. :)

  29. stanley dear,

    IQ test is easy to pass. You will surely score above 120.

    I have confidence you can meet the admission requirement of Mensa.

    Call me to register for the test. OK?

  30. hahaha... jams. You are ever the humorous guy!

    I trust the articles on you are positive ones. When can I read them? :P

  31. what a great take on this weeks theme. Welcome back!

  32. great post and very fitting.

    as for Mensa...let me check my IQ

    ey, where is your shop located. might drop by one day. give me discount alright? :)

    happy weekend! :)

  33. it's always an honor to be featured in any publication. that piece of literary history is really worth preserving in a frame =]

  34. That's a nice framed souvenir ! I always avoid IQ tests I am sure I will get 010, lol

  35. Great idea for the framed theme. Good to see you back in the hunt. Happy weekend.