Saturday, May 01, 2010

Black Wedding - PH

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In most Asian countries, black is the colour of mourning. Black is often seen as a colour of rebellion among the younger generation people. Nowadays, we see more young people wearing black during Chinese New Year. :(
 Black tablecloth, black furniture, black menu....

For the older Chinese, we like to be seen in red during festive celebrations and auspicious occasions. So when we attended Chinese weddings which have 'black' as their theme, we are horrified. :P

Men in black ..... Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at a Fund Raising event

When attending important functions, I have several black gowns. Black can be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated, it also goes well with almost any colour. Black coloured clothing makes one visually slimmer too. :)

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  1. Black definitely is slimming, that's why my wardrobe consists of 80% black, regardless of season. :D

  2. I am not superstitous but in order not to offend anyone, I don't wear black (from head to toe) on Chinese New Year. But for formal functions like weddings, I do wear black and I guess it's no big deal as most people have come to accept black as an acceptable colour for weddings.

  3. I love wearing black but I would also be horrified at a "black" wedding!

    Have a wonderful week ahead, ECL!!

  4. Black gowns can never go wrong for all the right reasons.A safe passport for all occasions.However I try to wade away from the black gown movement sometimes and opt for close alternatives like deep purple or the darkest navy blue.My generous silver velveteen fringed shawl goes with everything even my LBDs.

  5. Interesting thoughts on black as a colour for clothing with cultural connotations.
    Best wishes,
    I am so slow about getting around to comment on everyone else's PH-posts. I am still working on it!
    Here's mine:

  6. i used to see red for chinese, indeed this black theme is unusual =P

  7. Black is typically a morning color, except that in the Greek Orthodox church, white is worn a funerals by the priest as a symbol of new life. It made the affair very different.

  8. the Western's concert music performance world, the standard attire is usually black or white, and not red. I wonder if the older Chinese may be horrified to go to such shows. ;)

  9. My younger son loves black, and almost 3/4 of his clothes are black! For the Malay, white used to be worn during funeral but nowadays black is acceptable too. But no pantang of wearing black during our new year celebrations.