Sunday, March 21, 2010

Real Love Works 2010 - RT/WW

Real Love Works 2010 by Marriage Central is back for the 2nd year!

On Saturday, hubby and I enjoyed a romantic sunset picnic for two at Fort Canning courtesy of Marriage Central. As I was on wheelchair, the organizers made special arrangements to accommodate me. I would like to thank them for making it an enjoyable evening for my husband and I.

I received a lovely picnic basket containing a picnic mat, snacks, drinks and an exclusive couple game! The red rose was from the Chairperson of Marriage Central, Anita Fam.

It rained heavily that morning and it was drizzling when I arrived at the venue. Some people left after collecting their picnic baskets but many chose to stay. Luckily, the rain stopped and the cool weather was perfect for watching a movie under the stars.

Mayor Zainudin Nordin (Central Singapore District) and his wife were the guests-of-honour at Real Love Works 2010 which saw more than 1000 couples registered for this event.

Mayor Zainudin Nordin sang a love song to his wife who was moved to tears.

Participants played a couple game "In His Shoes, In Her Heels" and discover things about each other that they never knew before.

There were more onstage games and activities. 10 lucky winners walked away with a S$200 dining voucher each in a  Lucky Draw.

Amid lush and green surroundings, the participants enjoyed a romantic sunset picnic and the romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics” starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.. 

The exclusive couple game "In His Shoes, In Her Heels" that I receive.

“Real Love Works @ Fort Canning”
Venue: Fort Canning Fort Green
Date: 20 March 2010, Saturday

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  1. The organisers were very thoughtful in making the arrangements to make it an enjoyable evening for you and your husband. It sounds like a lovely event to attend.

  2. Hi ECL,

    Many Thanks for your post!

    My Dear and I would love to go that day but it was pouring cats and dogs that afternoon.

    Nevertheless, I am glad it was only drizzling when the event was on.

    Great that you have fun too!

  3. How wonderful. What a great event and I love picnics even in mist and drizzle. It sounds like you had fun.

  4. It looks like a lot of fun! It's great that everyone came out, despite the rain!

  5. Wow...this is so cool. :D All of you were picnicing together. :p

  6. Sounds like a lovely event.
    I have been away...why are you in a wheelchair?? need to catch up, best wishes from your old blogger friend formerly-known-as-Mar :)

    Here we go again...!

  7. very interesting! it's fun to look at the hundreds of couples having fun in a group picnic like that. cool!

  8. Good grief has it been a year already since the last Marriage Central event at Marina Barrage if I recall?I remember the lovely pictures you posted last year with all those purple&mauve balloons.
    Nice initiatives and it seems to be a success each year.Heartwarming to see all the multi-racial couples together.

  9. that's just so sweet! great to hear you had some picnic fun with hubby =)

  10. That's an awesome event. This even will surely brings the best of the relationship. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a lovely event and I like the picnic baskets.

  12. That's indeed very nice of the organizers. I am glad you are still able to go out even if you are in a wheelchair.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings :D

  13. I really love picnics specially in mist and drizzle !!!
    I will add a vote to the picnic basket to be very nice
    Can any one help me But how does "In His Shoes, In Her Heels" played?

  14. Photos of a fun day! I love the first photo with the red rose and umbrella. Very nice!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  15. Hi ECL,

    why were you on wheelchair ? thats' terrible ! What happended

  16. How interesting and what a very nice idea ! they should do it here too !
    You are still in the wheelchair ! for how long ?

  17. What a lovely event, which reminds me I never have a picnic alone with my husband. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  18. I think that is sooo cool to have an event where people can picnic...wish we had that here in San Francisco. Hope you had a great time that day :)

  19. It's so nice some people admits real love.
    'cause is so important.
    For all of us and our different societies. And World Peace.


    ps. You can see RennyBA and The Mayor of our City on my WW this week.

  20. How sweet that he sang to her.Sorry to hear that you are somewhat immobile hope that it is only temporary and you will be up and around before long. I've missed seeing your blogs on WW

  21. Indeed Real Love Works and you've demonstrated it so well in this post!

    Btw: When I saw you sitting there on the picnic mat, I was thinking: I really hope to see you sitting at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Norway at the Oslo Blog Gathering in the evening. That can be very romantic too you know as it will be a long sunset till about 9PM :-)

  22. i think this is so interesting, not only to enjoy shows and free gifts but also to get to know each other better through games and light-and-fun activities! although i'm not married yet, i think it'll be cool to join something like this..