Friday, February 26, 2010

Hills to Climb Daily - PH

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After my surgery, what used to be simple tasks have turned into difficult or impossible ones. I need help when showering; I need crutches when walking or climbing stairs. I can no longer go out on my own as there are too many obstacles and not enough facilities for the wheelchair bound.   

I used to go for daily walks to the beach near my house. It takes me only 10 minutes to stroll to this beautiful beach. Now that I'm on wheelchair, it takes me almost an hour because I need to navigate round  barriers, treacherous traffic, uneven pedestrian walks and tricky slopes.

A person on wheelchair will not be able to go down this slope on her own.

As we moved cautiously down the slope, with my husband holding on tight to my wheelchair, the thought of him letting go just to claim my insurance money kept flashing across my mind. Accidents can happen. :P

The climb up the slope was worse but nothing was worst than cyclists speeding down the slope on their bicycles. 

Despite numerous signs banning cyclists from riding in the underground tunnel and a fine of S$1000, the cylists (young and elderly) are boldly breaking the rule.

When my husband reminded a cyclist who was speeding down the slope that there is a S$1000 fine, he braked to hurled vulgarities at us and challenged my husband to a fight. And the man was elderly and spoke good English!  Education and more than 6 decades of living on this earth has been wasted on him as it does not make him a better man. ish.

First Commenter - Tekkaus


  1. still wanna travel even though you are crooked? :p

  2. WOW ECL so nice ur house is near da that u in the wheelchair? Hugs sweetie, I hope ul have a speedy recovery, it totally sucks feeling "helpless" for now but it will pass and soon u will be back on ur feet again, all da best! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I am not surprised it it was a youngster but for an elderly...*sigh*

    It's nice that you have a sweet husband to bring you out but be careful on your daily wheelchair ride ECL!

  4. Tekkaus,
    What crooked!? Who crooked!?
    *knock knock Tekkaus' head*

    I will be mouldy if I don't go out for some sunshine! :D

  5. Mariuca,
    Specially bought my this house near the beach.

    That's me struggling in the wheelchair.... hope to have muscled arms by the end of 6 months. hehe....

    It is so frustrating to be helpless and having to depend on the kindness of others.

    Can't wait to get well quickly.

  6. Jade,
    ya, I was stunned when the elderly man behaved like a thug and was so unreasonable.

    My poor hubby has to wheel me around and luckily he is still strong. I was asked to go on a diet though. haha.....

  7. So good of your hubby to wheel you around.

    But bad lah you, thinking abt the insurance money. XD

  8. I am really hope you are better soon, ECL. It must be beautiful view live near the beach.

    This is my entry for PH post. Hope you have time to visit too. Have a great weekend.

  9. Lina,
    haha.... my hubby does have those naughty thoughts.

    He's been a great pillar of strength.

  10. Juliana,
    Thank you so much.

    It's great living near the beach... only if we have time to stop and smell the ocean. :)

  11. So nice to be staying so near the beach. May you have a speedy recovery take care.

  12. Sometimes it takes actually experiencing it before we realise how inaccessible our society is! Hope you heal from your surgery soon. :)

  13. Something about people on bicycles feeling entitled... I dont know what it is. Not all of them of course but they don't want to move for cars and they dont want to move for pedestrians and they dont want to move for wheel chairs? So sad. Hope you feel much improved soon


  14. ECL that rude man deserves to be punished but in the today authorities don't seem to want to disrupt their tea breaks and go after ofeenders do they Humph!
    In your present physical condition I'm sure your eyes are now open at how difficult it is for handicapped people and the hardship they encounter everytime they venture out.There just don't seem to be adequate facilities for them and building carparks seem more of a priority than aiding and easing the lives of wheelchair bound people.
    I'm sure that the next time you debate or are in a conversation about the physically handicapped you'll be on your guard and know your arguments first hand.
    Btw I can just smell that evening Katong sea breeze you mentioned.You make me homesick again lah!LOL!
    Speedy recovery ECL.I'm still lighting candles for you and your family.

  15. Keep safe dear. Your dear husband is indeed a great pillar of strength. I believe you have been one to him too.

  16. Bananaz,
    It is indeed nice to stay near the beach. Thanks for your well-wishes.

  17. Hi Vickie,
    Yes, it is indeed frustrating for the disabled to travel in a city build by able-bodied people. I have my grouses.

  18. Tracy,
    As pedestrians, we are helpless when facing the reckless and irresponsible cyclists. They don't want to give way to young kids or the elderly, they are not sympathetic to a disabled woman struggling to move around on a wheel-chair. It's terrible.

  19. jean,
    It is indeed sad that the handicapped are trapped in their own homes due to the inadequate facilities for them.

    The dream of building a wheel-accessible city is not going to happen unless the able-bodied planners work with the handicapped to understand their actual needs.

    I have tried traveling around my neighbourhood for the past 3 days. It is a daunting task and has left me in tears at times.

    Aiyahhh.... come back for the Katong breeze lah! Come sit with me by the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze. :)

  20. oceanskies,
    Chris has indeed been my pillar of strength. Without him, I'm totally helpless. I'm more likely a ton of trouble to him. haha....

  21. i love it that you still find your sense of humor even when sitting on a wheelchair. i'm sure your husband wouldn't let go.:p

    here's wishing you to get well soon!

  22. best of luck on your recovery process. it looks like you are on the mend.

    wow, daily you get to see the beach and walk it's shores, that's pretty neat.

  23. Gosh! Such people still can exist on earth for so long? Ish~~ I hope you are better now ECL. :)

  24. The photos are very nice, and I hope that you have a speedy recovery. Happy weekend.

  25. i really wish you'll recover soon. it must have been very hard on you to do simple tasks because of your condition. i hate mean and inconsiderate people like that elderly man you have encountered. hubby has always liked the idea of retiring in a house near the beach. :) it might not be here in the US as beachfront houses are crazily expensive but we might be able to get a good deal back in the Philippines. but this won;t be any sooner you know. :) we'll have to work very hard to save tons of money for retirement, hehe. anyway, hang in there ECL, you'll get better in time.

  26. It must be so tough for your right now. I hope you are better very soon. Unfortunately pedestrians are always considered as second class to cars, bikes etc... It's sad and frustrating but a fact. Get better soon.

  27. Do take care, ECL. Stay at home more to recuperate ba.

  28. Wow..your house is near the beach. How wonderful! :)

    Life's blessings like being able to walk and move around can never be taken for granted.

  29. I haven't been on the computer our old one is dead as a door nail.
    So sorry to hear about you needing crutches.

    Coffee is on.

  30. ECL You Need to get this

    this is what I was encouraged to use after my surgery to enable me to get up and about more easily.

    it's much better on concrete and it's so easy to just push and roll yourself. it's easy to use in the house as well. it fits into the car boot with no trouble. it's about the size of a baby carriage, and weighs about 25 lbs totally.

    There is no need for hubby to endure the nasty bikers harrassment. you can hang your umbrella from the handlebars and when they say anything you can swing right into action; since the scooter has a 36 degree radius. no body will want to mess with you on this baby, trust me.

  31. I hope that you are daily getting stronger and that you will soon be back to your old self.

    Happy weekend to you ECL.

  32. I have been missing out on PH and I have missed out on knowing about your accident.

    I pray that you get well quickly. From reading your posts, I know that you love the outdoors so much that even your disability will not stop you.

    take care and God bless.

  33. Aiyoooo what happened to you???

    Long time no see but get well soon!

  34. So sorry to hear this! So Singapore are not that friendly to wheelchair bound people after all! And I thought it's a first world country!!

  35. "the thought of him letting go just to claim my insurance money kept flashing across my mind."

    Aiyo!! Don't think such negative thoughts! You watched too much TV drama! Haha!

  36. I hope that elderly man get his just desserts! Useless arrogant bastard!

  37. I don't think we realise just how badly we cater for people in wheelchairs or with other difficulties. It isn't until someone like you experiences it and tells us that we start to understand.

    best wishes for a speedy recovery. A lovely beach like that nearby should help. :)

  38. here's hoping you will recover soon. the idea of being not able to do the things you love to do best, and fast, because you are handicapped, and for some physically challenged all their lives, is truly sad and scary.

    my husband is a physically challenged man but it did not deter him to do things he can still do even with the handicap. he was afflicted with stroke at a very young age. and he's a college graduate. he did not have the chance to work. but he is a fighter and a positive person.

    be well soon..

  39. Poor thing! Hope u get well soon.
    Take care!

  40. do enjoy this period of helplessness n get v well soon!

  41. hope you recover soon

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
    RJ's day to day activities
    Journal of RJ's mom

  42. hope you're back on your feet really soon, ECL

  43. Don't worry Ecl, yr disability is just temporary. You do hv a good husband to wheel you around. Just be the Queen on wheels for a short term. I do love to be push around for a few hrs while I was in S'pore Vivocity the last time, as my damaged ankles hurts fr. walking long hours. Hope U will be back on yr feet soon. 'Hugs'..

  44. alone on wheelchair on that scary...

    go out kai kai there more often, then both u and hubby will have muscled arms :-)