Sunday, November 08, 2009

SM Goh Chok Tong at Mountbatten Town Day 2009

SM Goh showing off his football kicking skill.

There were lots of exciting events and activities for the residents of Mountbatten constituency as they celebrate its annual Town Day this Sunday morning.

Hosting MP Lim Biow Chuan welcomed guests-of-honour Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Mayor Matthias Yeo and the other 4 MPs of  Marine Parade GRC with lion and dragon dances..

SM Goh with several MPs of Marine Parade GRC enjoying a skit.

Earlier SM Goh unveiled a plaque to officially open Kitchen@Katong. Executive Chef Eric Teo offered him a glass of ice cold Lemongrass Tea. .

These lucky kids had a game of  table tennis with SM Goh.

Kids watching Grandpa Goh putting golf.

Our sporty SM Goh was very determined to score a bull's eye before calling it a day.

SM Goh is also a 'Grandma Killer'.

It took SM Goh more than 20 minutes each time to complete a 30m walk. Elderly ladies and several residents stopped him every now and then to speak to him or have a photo with him. :P

First Commenter - stanley


  1. It's gracious of SM Goh to interact with the people.

  2. Wow! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Cheers for SM Goh!

  3. haha i agree that sm goh is a grandma killer! XD

  4. he must be very fit, being able to complete every type of sport event. there are so many cheering for him too, must be a fun event! :)

  5. What a cool event.

    LOL on the last photo caption of Grandma Killer. :D

  6. Interesting day. I haven't played table tennis or we call bingo pong.

    Coffee is on.

  7. SM Goh looks good here. I notice each constituency in S'pore has many activities and events like this which is good for the community.

  8. so nice
    you always got invited to such event

  9. What a great celebration - didn't you pose with then?

  10. Sounds a nice event with many sport demonstration and a lot of joy everywhere!

  11. War...SM Goh seems like he can really kick the ball aye! :D

  12. Pretty sporty of him :-)
    Besides swimming, I think the only type of sports I play is via Wii!! LOL~

  13. Good day ECL! Busy la me this month, so many things to do so little time. Hope things are not so hectic for u dearie, enjoy ur day today! :)

  14. Good of SM Goh to interact with the citizen!