Friday, August 28, 2009

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Deal or no deal?

I forgot my husband's birthday.

He announced to the whole world on FaceBook his wife forgot his birthday.

Yahhh ...... I ought to be shot, minced and thrown into the sea. :D

The next day I quickly sprang him a surprise. My own version of Deal or No Deal game show!

er.... I cannot find 26 beautiful girls but it was easier to get 5 envelopes.
I told him all the envelopes contain his birthday wishes. The prizes are :

1. 1 year StarHub Sports Channel
2. Holiday to UK to watch Liverpool Soccer Club play
3. Hot passionate s** with a sexy gal
4. COE* to take a second wife
5. Upgrade to a new car

It was no surprise to see him play the game with such enthusiasm. :P

Which prize did he win? Make a guess. I'm always full of surprises. hehe......

*Note : COE - Certificate of Entitlement

First Commenter - foong


  1. Hey I'm FC! Wow! Didn't expect it! Yippee!!!

  2. I guess he won the 1 year Starhub Sports Channel? Cos even if he won No.3 and 4, it is unlikely you would grant him those! Haha!

  3. Oh, btw, happy belated birthday to your hubby. Hope he's enjoying his birthday present now : )

  4. Wah! The prizes would sure entice any hot blooded male!

  5. Happy belated birthday to your Hubby!

    How can you forget abt his birthday? :P

    I guess he won't be mad after getting his Deal or No Deal prizes. :)

  6. Yeah! I agreed with Foong too. You gave him No1 right? LOL :D

  7. Congrats foong! For being my first commenter!

    I will honour whatever prize he wins. *promise*

    I allow my husband to take a second wife. He has not found the right one yet..... probably.

    He got his birthday present already. :D

  8. Lina,
    Those are my husband's and probably many men's wishes. :P

    I forgot his birthday as I was too caught up with work :P

    He got his birthday present. :D

  9. Tekkaus,
    Wahhh! I'm ECL leh, not so easy to guess wan. :)

  10. LOL... 2nd wife??? he must be so disappointed... becos he wouldn't dare wan! hehehe...

    like what i told Chris, u forgetting his bday was INDEED the Biggest Surprise, evah LOL...

    belated birthday wishes to Chris!

    muacks, ECL!XX

  11. Belated birthday greetings to your husband. Some guys are very lucky indeed.Maybe he won an upgrade to a new car!

  12. haha.. how could you forgot?? lol..
    and that looks like a fun thing.. i wouldnt wanna get number 4 if im a husband =P

  13. Wow, you have the greatest birthday ideas. Hope you are well? It is possibly rare for you to miss his birthday?

  14. COE to 2nd wife? not enuff? :)

  15. my rainbow angeles,
    Long time no see!!

    He knows he is free to take second wife lah. :P

    I truly forgot his birthday, surprise hor. :D

  16. When is hubby's birthday???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ur hubby!! :):):)

  17. Ur hubby oso Liverpool fan like my B??? ;)

  18. fatherlyours,
    Thanks for your birthday greeting for my hubby.

    I hope to upgrade to a new car too. :P

  19. kenwooi,
    yah hor. If he forgets my birthday, he would be in deep trouble. hahaha....

    One wife is trouble enough? hehe...

  20. Hi oceanskies!
    hehe... in order to make it up to Chris, I have to think of some fun.
    I'll talk to you tomorrow.

  21. Mei Teng,
    For the guys, one woman where got enough!? :D

  22. Maurica,
    Yah, you long time no chop already!

    Thanks for your birthday greeting!

    Ooooo... B is also a Liverpool fan! Great!

  23. Ecl,
    I hazard a guess.I think he bagged prize no. 3. Haha! Happy weekend.

  24. So what was it? Don't la suspense suspense... :P

    Happy belated birthday to Chris, btw. ;)

    p/s: Due to certain reasons, I have privatized my blog for the time being. It would be my pleasure to still have you over sometimes, so if you are interested, please send me the address where I can send you the invitation to Thank you for your continuous support! :D

  25. hahaha cool surprise gift ECL! You must be so occupied with work to forget hubs' bday. My hubs' celebrating this sept and I can't stay still thinking what to prepare for his bday to bring to his office...i guesss i won't forget then.

    so what did he win?

    belated bday greetings to your dear husband!

  26. What a surprise indeed...too tempting to resist for a hubby with those deals. So what did he get?? Guess its not no 3 or 4..ha.ha..Anyway Happy Belated Birthday to yr lucky hubby.

  27. I think you made up for forgetting with some great surprises!

  28. I too think you made up for forgetting his bday!!
    ::thumbs up::

    Surprise! my post is up...

  29. What a great way to make up - hope you gave him a kiss too :-)

  30. LOL! I wouldn't even think of giving him 26 beautiful girls :)

    I bet he was surprised!

  31. Poor husband, fancy forgetting his birthday. But you did make up for it in fine style.

    Happy weekend ECL.

  32. Happy belated Birthday to your hubby! ;) so which prize did he win? :-D

  33. How could you forgot your hubby's birthday? Aiyo! Geez, all the pressies are very appealing and nice. Emmm...I think he picked #3. Hahahahaha

  34. Dont feel bad ECL i forgot our anniversary also LOL. I like you had to do some heavy making up. Have a great weekend.

  35. I thought Facebook should have reminded you about his birthday! :D

  36. Can I have one of that please???? He can keep the other 5 envelopes. :P

  37. belated birthday greetings to your hubby!