Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jeremy Monteiro & friends - Swinging in the heartlands WS

Jeremy Monteiro & friends

Two nights in a row, I was invited to two different concerts. On Friday night, I was invited by my blogger friend oceanskies to Singapore Symphony Orchestra's King And Emperor at the grand Esplanade Concert Hall.
Pianist Barry Douglas, winner of the 1986 International Tchaikovsky Competition

On Saturday night, I met Singapore's King of Swing, Jeremy Monteiro and his colleagues, Tama Goh (drums), Brian Benson (bass), Andrew Lim (guitar) and Shawn Letts (tenor sax). They presented swinging jazz standards, pulsating Latin tunes, refreshing originals and jazz arrangements of Singapore songs like I've never heard before!

Jointly presented by the National Arts Council and Siglap South CC Indian Activities Executive Committee, more than 400 residents turned up for this free concert held at Siglap South Community Centre.

It was a full house. Extra chairs have to be brought out to accommodate more people.

The audience enjoyed the music ...... many were seen snapping their fingers, tapping their feet or clapping to the music. Jeremy and colleagues received a standing ovation after their powerful performance.

Jeremy Monteiro - Jazz Pianist/ Composer/ Educator

Jeremy Monteiro has more than 20 of his own jazz albums and numerous other albums with well-known jazz artists like Grammy Award winner jazz saxophonist Ernie Watts. He is the first jazz music recipient of Singapore's pinnacle arts award - the Cultural Medallion for Arts.

Update :
Oh wow! Jeremy Monteiro left a comment in this post!

I forgot to mention this :
Download Jeremy Monteiro's latest album for FREE from the Singapore Swing page at

Also pls visit his website or follow him on Twitter @jeremymonteiro

First Commenter - Jean (A Singaporean in France)


  1. Sounds like it was a fun jazz concert ECL.Jazz and latin music always gets everybody going.I feel I was almost there as our family haunts were Siglap,Opera Estate,Bedok and Changi.Oh dear I'm getting a chill of nostalgia here.Great weekend article ECL.

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
    I'm FC at last and I didn't even expect it nor think about it.The pressure's off and I feel zen.LOL!

  3. jean,

    You finally get to be my FC! :D

    Jeremy Monteiro and friends gave a spectacular performance and it was an enjoyable and fun evening for all who attended. Jeremy & Co. brought a lively concert to sleepy and tranquil Siglap.

    It was my first jazz concert. :)

  4. jean,
    If I write more posts on Katong/Joo Chiat/Siglap, would you start tearing? :P

    I'm not trying to be wicked but I have the posts planned some time already.

    Gosh. I'm having the pressure. :)

  5. Wah ECL hanging out with the rich and famous he he!

  6. Dropping ec here sweetie, enjoy the rest of ur Sunday! ;)

  7. ECL of course not LOL!!!I'm just a silly sentimental person.I'll take the lid of your pressure!LOL!I promise not to cry but I'll get ready a box of Kleenex anyway just in case.You go girl!!!

  8. Mariuca,
    I was only attending concert performances. Didn't hang out with them...

  9. Sorry you missed FC Mariuca!I did it once and that's enough for me.I can rest in peace now LOL!Good luck to you dear!

  10. jean,
    I'll do my very best for that series of posts on our neighbourhood. :)

    Let me finish my posts on Rediscovering Plants in Malay Cuisine and Culture and then I'll post them.

    *rubbing hands in glee*

  11. awww! your post was updated in the Blogger update just 7 minutes ago, and I've already down 12 places. :D

  12. lina,
    Blogger update is half an hour late! :)

    Those girls are fast choppers. hehe....

  13. It must be a blast! I see, you enjoyed their music.

  14. ECL, I subscribed so I could be an FC, hehe!

  15. Looks like your ears have been treated to great music. :)

    Thanks for your company during the concert. :)

  16. Ebie,
    Yes, I really enjoyed the music. Though we were not in a grand concert hall, the musicians put their hearts and soul into their music.

  17. Ebie,
    How lovely! Welcome to FC Club!
    Have fun being FC. :)

  18. oceanskies,
    Great music! For two nights in a row! Thanks for the invite. :)

  19. HI ECL,

    Hope you are having a restful weekend. Always in my heart and prayers. xoxo

  20. Wow! Envy you. Can get to see Jeremy Monteiro perform!

  21. Many thanks for the warm hospitality to my musicians and I at Siglap South CC. We had a great time. Hope we can come back and play there at least once a year.

    Don't forget to download my latest album for FREE from the Singapore Swing page at

    Also pls visit my website or follow me on Twitter @jeremymonteiro

    You guys are great!

    Jeremy Monteiro

  22. Sounds like a fun weekend, and great shots ECL.

  23. I've never see Jazz live concert ;)

    My WS entry this week : in HERE. I hope you have time to visit. Thanks

  24. wow get to attend those awesome concerts! cool!!

  25. Empty Streets,
    Thanks so much for visiting me every now and then. I hope to see you more often.

    Have a great week ahead!

  26. foongpc,
    I jumped at the chance to watch him perform live! hehe....

    I was able to get close to him. :)

  27. Dear Jeremy Monteiro,
    Thanks for a wonderful performance! I'm so honoured to meet you and have you visit my blog.

    I'm sure the residents of Siglap would love to have you and your friends play at Siglap South CC every year. :)

    Once again, thanks for bringing your music to the heartlands!

  28. Carver,
    Going to music concerts can be a fun experience. :)

  29. Juliana,
    Should try to go to one! You would enjoy it too. :)

  30. Hi Gran,
    yes, a fun night of jazz music and I had not expected that. :)

  31. Monica,
    You might be jealous. I have more invites coming! :P

    I'm honoured to be invited to such events and I'll find time to attend all of them if possible.

  32. So exciting!What a great weekend you had! I am jealous.
    mine is here

  33. Wow, what an event! Nice, I'm looking at the free downloads now :D

  34. Will visit their blogs as it sounds like these were wonderful concerts to go to and I am not familiar with these artists. I am living vicariously through you now! LOL!

  35. aguthrieimages,
    Please don't be jealous... you had a different enjoyable moment. :)

  36. Dora,
    Isn't it awesome to get free download of the King of Swing's latest album! I've got mine already. :)

  37. JL,
    Hope you will enjoy the music as much as I do. :)

  38. heidi,
    awww... I'm flattered. :)

    It was a world class performance by Jeremy Monteiro and friends that evening. You will enjoy their music.

  39. Smart! With the weather these to head indoors for entertainment :)

    p/s: The weather is out to kill!! *sweats*

  40. wow, up close and personal with Jeremy Monteiro? you must be on cloud 9 ECL.

  41. napaboaniya,
    I'm wilting in this hot weather.

    I'm staying indoors as much as I could, too hot to go out.

  42. Life ramblings,
    Of course I'm ecstatic! :)
    I've been meeting celebrities this week. :)

  43. Looks like you had an exciting weekend! I love jazz too. Have a great week ahead!

  44. now, that sounds fun and am quite sure a lot of people had fun there.

    My WS is up too.

  45. that sounds like fun, lovely nights of jazz and the symphony. what an exciting way to spend the weekend!

  46. That was a great weekend and I know how fun to watch like that. Have a nice Monday.

  47. you got a great weekend there. i hope one day i could steal some few hours and be in a concert.

    thanks for visiting.

  48. How wonderful that you were able to enjoy such culturally magical evenings!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

    A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

  49. With all this going out I suppose you are on your knees now, lol !

  50. I love jazz music and I will check out that free download :)
    Thanks for the link, ECL!

  51. Wow you had a very wonderful and memorable musical week-end! :)

    Thanks for dropping by at my WS entry. :)

  52. look like you had fun at the concert. I love jazz and latin music.

    Re: I'm excited for the new baby..hehe
    Thanks for the comment.