Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fun Outing to Marina Barrage - WW

Look ! I'm not wet!

My day out with some overseas friends to the Marina Barrage which is Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the first in the heart of our city. They were awed by this stunning attraction which offers panoramic views; and were impressed by the innovative displays in the galleries........ and it is free!

Entrance to Marina Barrage

water playground for the young and old!

On a hot day, visitors can have a splashing good time at the the central courtyard's water playground.

My friends and I had a great time snapping pictures as we were splashing in the water playground. We were soaking wet but our clothes dried fast as it was a hot sunny day. :P

The Barrage /Marina Bridge

The barrage has 9 steel crest gates, each measuring 30m long, built across the Marina Channel It separates the seawater from freshwater and acts as a tidal barrier to keep out high tides. The steel gates are lowered during heavy rain to release water from the reservoir into the sea.

View of Singapore Flyer from Marina Bridge

Stroll along the Marina Bridge and take photos with spectacular view of the city skyline as backdrop or rest at one of its eight pavilions.

View of the central courtyard from the roof top

Making use of the sun's energy ....

Let's go fly kite!

You can have a picnic on this beautiful green roof. The rooftop offers 360-degree unblocked views of the Singapore Flyer, Benjamin Sheares Bridge, central business district and the South China Sea.

Have a cold beverage or a quick bite at one of the waterfront eateries. The famous 7th Storey Hainan Charcoal Steamboat restaurant has relocated here.

Admire local and international art works located around the facility.

Learn about Singapore's effort towards environmental sustainability by taking a walk through the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. It also has free guided tours through 6 interactive multimedia galleries with information on water and environmental issues.

Marina Barrage
Free Admission

Free shuttle bus service from Marina Bay MRT Station to Marina Barrage.
From Mondays to Fridays
Every 15-minute intervals
From 8.30am-7.15pm
* From 11.30am-12.30pm (30 minute intervals)
Last Bus from MRT: 6.00pm
Last Bus from Marina Barrage: 7.15pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Every 10-minute intervals
From 9.00am-9.00pm
Last Bus from MRT: 8.00pm
Last Bus from Marina Barrage: 9.00pm

Enquiry: 65145959 (10.00am – 6.00pm)

First Commenter - Health Nut Wannabee Mom


  1. Amazing! I have never seen anything like it! I love stopping by to see what you will feature!

  2. heidi,
    That's what my overseas friends kept saying!

    I hope they will upload their photos on FB and share with more people. :)

    Congrats! You are my FC! :D

  3. I am getting good at this huh? ;)

    I'll make sure to visit Marina Barrage when we get back from the looks really interesting. I especially would like to see the solar park as we plan to have make the house we will build in our farm a Green Home.

    I am even thinking of having an Eco resort...hay so many plans.

  4. MommaWannabe,
    You should take a look at the galleries. They have lots of innovative ideas.

    Your eco farm sounds so interesting and it keeps me wondering what you have been doing. haha....

    I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and plans.

  5. I'm putting this as things to-do when in Singapore. :)

  6. Gagay,
    Happy April Fools' Day! :D

    Not easy to be a chopper these days! haha...

  7. Lina,
    You have to visit this place. Bring extra set of dry clothes for Raimie and yourselves. You can play in the water playground. Get wet and have fun!

    You can have very scenic backdrops for your photos. Prepare to shoot away! :D

  8. Another add-on to the water play area for kids! :)

    p/s: The weather these couple of days is a KILLER, go for the river cruise on a LESS sunny day leh unless you want to roast urself :P

  9. napaboniya,
    The small kids and the big kids love it! :P

    Yes, we are sitting out the hot weather..... Probaly go in the evening, when it's cooler. Thanks.

  10. Fantastic photos; you make me miss Singapore even more, which I didn't think was possible.


    Enjoy :D

  11. stephanie,
    I'm glad you missed Singapore. :)

    It may be a small island but it has much to offer.

  12. cool things to do in Singapore indeed! ;-)

  13. Wha! what a view.Must go and soak in the atmosphere of the place.

  14. Monica,
    Happy April Fool's Day!
    Hope you didn't get fool today. :P

  15. stanley,
    Go in the evening... much cooler and can have a beer at the waterfront eatery. :)

  16. It is a beautiful place. I went there at night last year and the view was awesome. :)

  17. day-dreamer,
    Oh, you were here last year. You see another side of Marina Barrage, the night scene. :)

  18. Very happening reservoir. So many interesting activities to do on an otherwise "boring" place. Not bad. I think I will like Singapore reservoirs better now. :D

  19. Indrani,
    A huge place where one can chill out or just lie down on the green roof top and enjoy the breeze and clear blue sky!

  20. JL,
    This man-made city reservoir is so different from the others. It's a lovely place for photos and an outing with friends or family. :)

  21. It looks magnificent and like so much fun!! I want to go there!!! do you think George might want to come along??
    ::wink, wink::

  22. I love the first pic of u dear! I oso wan to play2 in the water la!

  23. Fantastic photos EC! And it looks like a great way to spend a hot day too.

  24. Dropping ec for the day, abt to have dinner soon, so I'll see u later! :):):)

  25. What a wonderful playground for both young and old!

  26. The water playground sounds really fun! I hope I can visit someday. :)

  27. Hmmm, when will I ever be the FC here? I'm always late in making comments waaah!

    I love the photos!

    Moms... Check Nyo

  28. I would love to see that in life, unfortunately it is a little too far for me for a shuttle bus !

  29. It does looks nice! I wish it's summer already;) It's too cold to get wet here! haha

  30. That looks like a fun place to go for an outing. Great shots.

    To answer your question on my blog, you'd have to as a bird in the dogwood flowers are tasty. I'd be scared to try them, LOL.

  31. I have not been there yet. Thanks for lending me a view of the Barrage through your photos. :)

  32. Ya, ECL, my Dear and I love Marina Barrage too!

    The place is simply beautiful! The wind there is also good for kite flying!

    Just a pity not much restaurants there la and now the Marina Bay area is super dusty and smoky with the hundreds of construction trucks and construction of the IR taking place at breakneck speeds.. luckily these dirty problems are just temporary.

    I am looking forward to Gardens at the Bay which will be in the vicinity of Marina Barrage.. soon the whole of Marina Bay will be transformed to Singapore's hottest spot: entertainment, leisure and recreation!

    Too bad, the condos there are selling in the leagues of millions, I no money to afford :(

  33. i haven't visited Sg in ages. This is a very neat place to visit.

  34. Oh, it's free? Must go this one! I hope it is free forever! : )

  35. What a gorgeous place! Singapore really looks very appealing. I so want to get to know it! :-)

  36. Wish I had known about that when I was in Singapore last year. Looks like a fabulous time. i love the fountain picture!

  37. MB is really a nice place...
    It's way nicer at night..
    The night lights are awesome..
    Well, to me at least.. :D
    I've never been there in the day. Prolly will try to.. lol!

  38. Hi ECL, thanks for peeking in on me. I only am doing the poem thing on Sundays on the Little P&P Place and a weekly on Jim's Little Blog and every couple of weeks something on Ask Dr. Jim.
    I did put an April Fool cartoon link on the Little Blog today.
    Hope you're doing okay. Please stop in again and say hi.

  39. p.s. I took Jim's Little Blog off my profile blog list but you can link to it from another of my blogs.

  40. Wow, what a fun place to be just to cool off. Get wet (and wild?) kidding!

  41. These are awesome places. I hope the Philippines would have something similar. The weather would soon be humid. Cheers .

  42. I looks so peaceful there. I wish i was there. Take care ECL

  43. Great photos! I love the first shot. That's a wonderful place to visit. So many wonderful things to see. Thanks for sharing.

  44. That is such a cool place, kinda reminds me of our wading pool area at KLCC. Thanks for the sharing and nice pictures.

  45. another great spore place I must visit after your delicious introduction.

  46. What a nice and cool place to visit. Will be a another interesting tourist attraction.

    btw I'm not fully recover yet. Stomach are so sensitive & need months to get well.

  47. Great photos. Thanks for sharing & thanks for visiting my blog.

  48. Hey, this is a great story and fantastic photos - you might like our meme at Tell Me Thursday - you can make your WW really wordless and STILL tell the story! Give it a try!

  49. Wow! What an absolutely amazing place! What a tremendous gift to have access to it. I'd sure love to see it sometime. :D

  50. eastcoastlife,
    After reading your post and seeing such wonderful photos.
    I like to say " I want to visit all these places."

  51. I walked in the water tunnel as you. But.... a gust of wind so happened to blow & I'm all wet lah..... sibeh sway :(:(

  52. I can't wait to see these places. I love the country so much I can never get enough when I'm there.

    Marina Bay is awesome!